November 8, 2019
A Note from the Board Chair...
It’s a busy time of year. Holidays, year-end celebrations and deadlines are creating an urgency of tasks to complete. The year’s end also stimulates a push for tax-deductible donations. 

Donations are essential for Crossroads and I am asking that you consider making a gift. Tuition only covers a portion of the Operating Budget of our school. Our exceedingly high staff-to-student ratio is only maintained through the support of community donations, both in grants and private giving. Our Board of Directors all give of their time and their dollars. 100% of our Board Members continue to give generously. We need your help too.

There are many ways you can help us. 
  • Send a check or electronic donation to the school.
  • Participate in Giving Tuesday December 3, 2019.
  • Tell you friends and relatives that a donation is a great gift for the holidays.
  • Apply for Matching Funds from your employer.
  • Let us know of grant opportunities of which you are aware.
  • Spearhead a fundraising project on social media or with friends.
  • Share your experience with Crossroads with others. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

Grant opportunities are also important ways that Crossroads receives funding for special projects and enhancements. Recently, Crossroads partnered with Spectrum Fusion and received a joint grant to expand our Social Development Curriculum and resources. The Positivity Project is one example of this.

Many staff, students and parents participated in Bike to the Beach which provided additional funds for a new swing set installed last week (see pictures below).  Swings are a student favorite and support vestibular awareness and provide a self-calming therapy space. These additional resources would only be possible with donations and support.

We know that there are many good causes and appeals for your year-end dollars. 

Crossroads School is small so every single donation makes a significant impact. 
Please join us in making a difference in the life of a child
with a Learning Difference.  
Debi Mishael
Board Chair
713-977-1221 x101
As Seen On Campus - New Swings!

Our new swing set, made possible by Ms. Azmae's hard work and multiple donors over the Summer, has finally arrived! We now have two swing sets available for students as they're a very hot commodity during student breaks and recess.

Swing sets are more than just a recess activity for our students. Swings help strengthen the vestibular system, they increase balance & coordination, spatial awareness and more. Best of all, they are a mood booster and have a calming effect!
As Seen On Campus - Peer Mediation

We are thrilled to announce that Barbara Radnofsky, a well-respected expert mediator and trainer, returned to Crossroads for a second year in a row with her Peer Mediation training program. Barbara has come to the school over the past couple of weeks to work with our students in regards to teaching them how to manage conflict in positive ways.

The purpose of the student course is to create the opportunity for students to understand that conflict is inevitable and that we must learn and practice skills to manage conflict in positive ways. Students are trained on the elements of the mediation process, promoting respect, advocacy, active listening, and improved communication skills between peers.
Barbara is a longtime Houston area lawyer, mediator, and arbitrator. She is co-founder of the Houston chapter of the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues serving HISD students. She serves on numerous local charitable boards and as a peer mediation teacher in both public and private schools. Barbara is also co-owner of the Brazos Bookstore.
Ms. Gemma's After School Cooking Club

Dreadfully Delicious Pizza
Our first after school Cooking Club class fell close to Halloween, so things got a little spooky! The kids had fun meticulously carving all sorts of healthy toppings to decorate their very own dreadfully delicious pizzas. From bloodshot tomato eyeballs and olive-legged spiders to pepper-faced clowns and onion-y skulls, the creativity and culinary craftsmanship was gruesomely awesome!
Terrific Thai Spring Rolls

During the second after school Cooking Club class, the kids tantalized their taste buds and tested their dexterity as they chopped, sliced, diced, dipped, and folded Thai spring rolls. Everyone enjoyed trying different kitchen tools to make the sticky rice paper rolls and pungent peanut sauce, including a food processor, can opener, citrus squeezer, garlic press, and vegetable grater. They had fun pretending they were working in a Thai restaurant, creating one of their favorite take-out foods!
Help Us Fill Up the Turkey!
This Fall, we are continuing our annual partnership with the Houston Food Bank in their quest to feed hungry families within our area. For each non-perishable donation to our Thanksgiving Food Drive, the students will place one feather per item donated on our paper turkey located in the front office. Our goal is for the turkey to have 500 feathers by November 22nd; if this happens, our principal, Mr. Justin, will dress up as a pumpkin during our annual Thanksgiving Feast!
The Positivity Project - Hope/Optimism

This week's character trait is hope or optimism. In this lesson, the students were exploring the thoughts that go on in their minds which is called "self-talk”. Students wrote down thoughts on squares of toilet paper. Each square represented a different thought. “I wonder if we are going to play dodgeball today.” “I felt nervous coming to school today.” One student even listed different football players as his thoughts. Once the students finished their writing, they read aloud their thoughts for the day.  Students were surprised that other people felt the same way they did. One student wrote the different emotions that she felt that morning before coming to school and that engaged a whole class discussion.
The goal of this lesson was to show students that optimism involves learning to think positively about the future – even when things go wrong. It’s about looking objectively at a situation and making a conscious decision to focus on the good. Optimistic people are happier, more engaged, succeed more often and are better problem solvers. Optimistic attitudes need to be realistic – think of it as shooting for the stars without losing sight of the ground.

Community Events 
 Crossroads School believes in sharing information and community resources with parents. Crossroads School does not specifically endorse or recommend any outside services or programs unless otherwise stated.   

Fall Carnival for Teens & Young Adults with Disabilities

Come and enjoy music, games, and resources at the annual Transition Fair Fall Carnival for students with disabilities hosted by the Clements High School National Honor Society and The Arc of Fort Bend. Vendors from the local community will be available to share information with parents about local resources for individuals with disabilities.

Free & Open to the Public Saturday, November 16th 2pm-4pm

Clements High School - Commons
4200 Elkins Road
Sugarland, Texas 77479

RSVP to the Carnival here.
Friday, December 6, 6:30-9:30 pm
Bayou City Event Center,  9401 Knight Rd, Houston, TX 77045
Join us for The Arc of Greater Houston's Annual Candy Cane Ball!  This fun filled evening of dinner and dancing is for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families/caregivers.  Each year, more than 1,000 guests get dressed up for this unique opportunity to celebrate the holidays with their friends. This event is eagerly anticipated all year long!
Holiday attire. Must be at least 15 years old to attend. Tickets are $5 per person OR get a special reserved table for 10 people for $100.  You will not need to bring a ticket.  We will have a check in list at the registration table.  Registration opens at 6:30 pm.  Dinner at 7:00 pm.  DJ and dancing 6:30 - 9:30 pm.  For questions, please contact Dory at .
Events & Reminders

  • November 22, 2019: 11 AM Fall Family Feast
  • November 25 - 29, 2019: Thanksgiving Break (School Closed)
5822 Dolores St.
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 977-1221