October 25, 2019
A Note from the Head of Social Development...
Dear Parents,

This Friday, October 25th, from 6 pm – 9 pm, we will have our first student organized Nightrageous event of the 2019-2020 school year. This event’s theme is Sports related with the option to wear Halloween costumes. The students spent several days during their Social Activities class planning the event, creating the décor, and deciding which activities were going to happen in each room.
Décor for the event included meticulous planning and organizing on our students’ behalf as to what and where the items will be hung or shown. Art work from various students will be hung in the art room as well as in the hallways. Fun lights will be outside hanging on the swings as well as surrounding the sports activities in the field to illuminate the night.
Our students decided on various concession items during the planning of Nightrageous such as having a popcorn, so-cone and cotton candy machine. During a student conducted survey over the course of a couple of weeks, James Coney Island was selected as the winner for the main course of the night along with cookies for dessert.
Activities that were chosen by our students for Nightrageous included having sports-themed video games, movies, and watching the Astros/Nationals game all in separate rooms. Students also decided that sport activities in the field such as dodgeball and soccer were in order for the evening as well.
We are all excited for our first student planned Nightrageous event of this school year! Our students have worked extremely hard planning this fun-filled event!

Ayesha Baig
Head of Social Development

713-977-1221 x115
The Positivity Project - Open-Mindedness

This week's social skill was open-mindedness. The students talked about keeping an open mind and looking at situations from different perspectives in Social Skills class. In Social Activities, the students worked on an activity where they had to follow directions on a drawing and at the end of the directions, they shared their drawings with each other. They saw not only the differences but the similarities. 

As Seen Off Campus

This past Tuesday, Crossroads students visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science and were able to see all of the main exhibit halls, the new Art of the Brick exhibit as well as a movie in their Planetarium about cosmic drama occurring in our universe.

Spirit Week

Next week we are excited to carry out our second annual, fun-filled Spirit Week! We look forward to having everyone participate in the daily activities and educational elements of this week long program. 

Please see the schedule of events below and contact Ms. Julianne with any questions.
Community Events

Open House!
Please join us  October 27th from 1pm-3pm
to learn about our growth over the past three years
and our program options for the Spring 2020.

ADVANCE Immersive Transition Program
Click here learn more about ADVANCE!

Our residential two-year core program has the goal of building key skills necessary for independence. The immersive nature of the program creates an environment where the student uses information in a real-world environment as the learn. The repetition and immediacy create more permanent and well anchored results. From their experiences in their own apartment to mastering the subtleties of a job search, the student experiences their growth in real time through daily improvement and achievement.

  • Budget management
  • Basic culinary and nutrition awareness
  • Utilization of transportation systems
  • Home cleanliness and maintenance
  • Building appropriate social relationships and joining groups
  • Resume writing and interview skills
  • Job search and acquisition process
  • Job retention and promotion opportunities

ADVANCE @ College
Click here to learn more about ADVANCE @ College!

Our non-residential college support program focuses on the necessary skill set for surviving and thriving in college. ADVANCE Houston is located in Midtown, a short bus stop from several secondary education options.

  • Signing up for classes in a degree plan
  • Buying books and necessary supplies
  • Calendaring and scheduling for success
  • Study techniques
  • Adapting to expectations
  • Utilizing resources via Disability Services or other available programs
  • Managing social engagements at school

Please RSVP to Scott Adams with your name and how many people will be in attendance.
Please join The Center for Pursuit and The Hub on October 28th at 6pm to learn about all of the residential options they have to offer young adults. As they expand their location and mission, they are offering apartment living options possibly right here in Spring Branch.

For more event details, Please RSVP to this Evite link .

Crossroads School believes in sharing information and community resources with parents. Crossroads School does not specifically endorse or recommend any outside services or programs unless otherwise stated.   
Events & Reminders

  • November 8, 2019: 12PM Early Dismissal for Teacher In-Service
  • November 22, 2019: Fall Family Feast, Time TBD
  • November 25 - 29, 2019: Thanksgiving Break (School Closed)

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