December 7, 2018
A Note from Acting Head of School...
Dear Parents,
Our students were looking pretty spectacular this week as they came dressed in special occasion attire and loaded the bus for the Houston Ballet performance of The Nutcracker. I'm being honest when I tell you that I was a little nervous about the whole school attending a 2-hour performance that began at 11:00 AM. If you are thinking like a teacher, you know that means the students would essentially not be able to eat lunch until after 1:30 PM. As with any situation, we plan in advance and hope for the best!

That's exactly what we got... the BEST! I was so incredibly proud of our Crossroads students. We arrived early to The Wortham Center, followed by streams of other school buses all lined up to deposit hoards of students from far ends of Houston. We had arranged in advance for special seating and thus we ended up in the second, third and fourth row of the theater. (A big thank you to Mr. Todd's wife, Christine for helping to arrange this.) Our students had the advantage of not being distracted by so many people around them. There was nothing to block their view of the orchestra pit and the stage of talented dancers performing in the midst of the elaborate scenery. One students told her Mom excitedly, "We were right TOE level!"

Our students were enthralled with the ballet. They sat for the 40 minutes in advance of the start and they sat through the performance. I thought we would be able to stand and stretch during the 20-minute intermission, but instead, there was a ballet educator who spoke to the audience during that time to explain background information about The Nutcracker. It was interesting that they raised the curtain to let the students see what happens "behind the curtain" as sets were changed and prepared for the second half. Some schools had trouble keeping their students quiet or in their seats while others were distracted by the "snow" that fell from the Wortham ceiling during the show. It was definitely an asset that we had all teachers and administrators in attendance at the show. No staff were left behind!

Once the ballet was over, it was a short walk to Market Square Park, where the students enjoyed the sunshine and cool weather while eating their lunches. The bus returned everyone to school with a little time before afternoon dismissal.
Debi Mishael
Board Chair & Acting Head of School
(713) 977-1221 x101
We arrived early to our seats in the very front on the Orchestra Level of the four tiered theater.
Brelon and Ms. Katie discuss the show.
"A place where everyone can feel welcome"...
The above line is not just a key message in the lyrics of the new Crossroads Song, but, it is truly what I witness on campus. This month we have had several students coming to visit our school for the day as part of the enrollment inquiry process. Without exception, our students are incredibly welcoming to new faces on campus. I have seen students rise from their seats to shake the hand of a visitor to welcome them. I have also seen students walk up to a visitor and say, "You will like it here. Everyone is friendly." This morning I heard, "Don't worry. No one judges you here."

As I watch our Crossroads students actively reach out to make new students feel comfortable, I am so proud. I am so inspired and I am so humbled. What an honor to witness these incredible students growing into incredible human beings.
Speaking of welcoming...
Please help us welcome Ms. Katie Cape to the faculty of Crossroads School. Katie has already started to assist Ms. Suzanne in the Elementary classroom so that she will be well prepared when Ms. Suzanne goes on maternity leave in mid-January.

Ms. Katie has a BA in Psychology and is a certified EC-12th Special Education Teacher. She has experience working in HISD and as an ESL teacher in China.

We have already been impressed with Ms. Katie's patient demeanor and loving dedication to our students. She is sure to be an important member of our Crossroads team.

We would also like to welcome a new Elementary student to our Crossroads family. Grayson is an avid reader and is active in Scouting. He recently moved back to the Houston area with his family.
If you have not heard the Crossroads School song, be sure to find the link to the video at the very bottom of this newsletter.
In Physical Science...
Th e students explored the density of different liquids. We explored this by creating calming jars using water and oil. Each student created their own oil/water color scheme to represent both liquids. The students practiced shaking them up and then determined which would be on 'top' and how even when mixed, the oil would separate and float over water. The students were so excited with their new calming jars and couldn't stop shaking them.
Got Coats?
This is a great time of year to go through your closets and clear out some of the "gently loved" coats that no longer fit you or your children. Helping others through tangible actions is another way we teach our students to think beyond their own needs to the way their actions can positively affect others.

Crossroads is conducting a Coat Drive through December 21. A representative from The Alliance center is coming to the school to speak to our students about ways we can help others. The mission of The Alliance is to create opportunities for refugees, immigrants, and under-served residents to achieve their goals for self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life.

Special Agent Tania Johnston from the US Secret Service came to school to present an interactive workshop about cyber-safety. The NetSmartz Workshop is an educational program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children ®  (NCMEC) that provides age-appropriate resources to help teach children how to be safer on- and offline.

Parents can find the presentations and more information on the NetSmartz website.
As Seen... Off -Campus!

Ms. Debi, Ms. Ginger and Ms. Julianne participated in an off-campus Community Service project last weekend. They helped to refurbish the home of an elderly, low-income couple  with  Rebuilding Houston Together . RHT is similar to Habitat for Humanity, except that it seeks to help existing homeowners with repairs so they can "age in place" and remain in their existing homes.
High School students attended "A Little Day of Music" sponsored by Da Camera. (The organization that helped us create the Crossroads song.)

A Little Day Music is a series of concerts presented at noon on the first Wednesday of the month in the Grand Foyer of the Wortham Center. The series features a variety of chamber music and jazz, presented in an accessible one-hour concert format.
Community Events
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