February 22, 2019
A Note from the Head of Social Development...
Social Arts News

At Crossroads School, we have a special class called Social Arts that is just for students in middle school. The class is designed to encounter and overcome social challenges while collaborating on creative projects. We work through compromising, voting, sharing talk time, listening to others’ ideas, and appreciating different opinions- all while creating artwork and group projects.

In October, the Social Arts class worked to create Crossroads’ first student-planned nighttime party event, that we called Nightrageous. It was Halloween-themed and we had almost every student in attendance. The students worked together to plan everything. There was a live student DJ booth, spooky snacks, party food, soccer in the rain, and a movie in the yoga room. The students also created party decorations, found recipes for and cooked some of the food, and voted on the movie. The event was a huge success. Students reviewed the details of the event and decided that we would definitely plan another one.

Social Arts students are now in the final planning stages of our next event, Nightrageous Art Show , which will be held on Friday, March 1, from 6-9 pm . We have worked on several individual and group art projects, created frames for the art work, and made plans for where and how the art will be displayed for visitors at the event. We will also have light sculptures and an art installation created by the high school students. Students have been researching food trucks and will vote on at least one truck to have at the event. Other activities may include video games, multiplayer games, a movie, and the return of our student DJ booth.

Social Arts has been a productive new program at Crossroads. The students continue to practice valuable social skills and group engagement through our collaborative activities and have made great strides in working together toward creative goals. Let us know if you’d like to join us for Nightrageous Art Show on March 1 by emailing Julianne Dishongh or by calling 713-977-1221. The cost is $40 per student. Parents who would like to enjoy the Food Truck will be asked to contribute and additional $15 to cover their food costs.

Hoping to see you there!
Mitch Pengra
Crossroads Head of Social Development
(713) 977-1221 x120
Nightrageous Art Show
An evening of fun for students

FRIDAY, March 1, 2019
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
$40 per student (includes dinner)
($15 for adults who stay for dinner)

This event is open to all Crossroads Students. Students may bring one guest if they choose. All student guests MUST be approved and pre-paid in advance. Emergency contact information must be provided.
As Seen On-Campus...
In physical science this week, the students learned about crystals. Students combined sugar and boiling water into a solution which enabled them to view the supersaturated sugar solution molecules that were moving around. Then, students poured the sugar water along with flavoring into glass cylinders. As the solution cooled, the sugar molecules combined with the sugar on a coated stick that was placed inside each cylinder. The class will monitor the formation of rock candy crystals growing, molecule by molecule, over the six to ten-day process. It is an experiment that is informative, tasty and fun to watch! 
Students try their had at weaving in our 3-D Art class. They are studying concepts of line, pattern, and texture while they determine how warp and weft work together.
Recent Faculty In-Service

This week our staff participated in a three-hour in-service training session on Social Thinking taught by Renee Ataway, M.S., CCC-SLP. We were very fortunate to be able bring her to our school.

SOCIAL THINKING is the ability to consider your own and other thoughts, emotions, beliefs, intentions, knowledge, etc. to help interpret and respond to the information in your mind and possibly through your social behavioral interactions. If that's too complicated to understand, it is simplified by saying "Social Thinking is the THINKING before the DOING." We all know this is an important component of what we want our students to learn at Crossroads School. Two of our staff members attended a 3-day conference last week in Austin in order to gain a more in-depth understanding of the methodology.

Social Thinking as a curriculum was developed in the mid-1990s by Michelle Garcia Winner, a speech language pathologist. The mission is to help people develop their social competencies to better connect with others and live happier, more meaningful lives.

For more information on Social Thinking can be found by following this link: SOCIAL THINKING
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