November 30, 2018
A Note from Acting Head of School...
Dear Parents,

The turkey leftovers may be completely gone but our deep gratitude for the wonderful Thanksgiving school gathering remains. We especially want to the the folks at Da Camera for their five-week project to develop and compose an original school song. Ideas for the lyrics were suggested by students and the chord structure was suggested by a Crossroads student, Brelon.

We send our heartfelt gratitude to:

Brandon Bell, Da Camera Director of Education
Theo Chandler, Da Camera Young Artist, Composer
Camille Jasensky, Da Camera, Composer
(Bethany graciously filled in to sing with us because Camille had a medical emergency on the day of our event.)

No one can say it better than the students. Three of our students expressed their thoughts.
The last 5 weeks have been a tremendous experience for an individual to feel the harmony and the spirituality of creating music in a group. The passion from Mr. Brandon, Mr. Theo, and Ms. Camille for the project made me feel enlightened. Their respect for the group’s ideas is something I will never forget.
I wish we had more time to practice and add more to our song. It was exciting working with Mr. Brandon, Mr. Theo, and Ms. Camille and we will miss them. They are always welcome here at Crossroads!

Zayd (read by Denzel)
They accepted every idea in one way or another and made everybody feel involved, gaining their trust to sing with all of their friends

(Left) Cole played the drum during the performance.
Debi Mishael
Board Chair & Acting Head of School
(713) 977-1221 x101
Please visit our Facebook page to see a wide assortment of pictures from our Thanksgiving Feast. (You can use the link below...and while you are there, be sure to "like" our page, leave comments or recommendations!)

The inaugural performance of the Crossroads School Song!

This video is about 10 minutes long and show you the full presentation at he Thanksgiving Feast. The song begins about 6:25 minutes into the video.
Crossroads School Song

Well I’m looking for a school that feels like home
Where can I find it? I’m looking for a school to call my own.
Where can I go? I’m looking for a welcoming community
That celebrates our diversity
Where friends and teachers feel like family

You’ll find all of that at Crossroads
You’ll find all of that and more
So we’re on our way to Crossroads
A place where everyone
Can feel welcome
Yes, I’ve found my school

Well Crossroads sound like a lovely place I’d like to join you
But first I have a few more requests to make
Please let me know I’m looking for a school with laughter every day
Where I can be creative in my own way
A supportive school to learn and play

. Upcoming Field Trips

PLEASE NOTE: While our normal request is for students to wear their Crossroads T-shirt on all field trips. We are making an exception for next week's trip to the Houston Ballet. This is part of our effort to teach appropriate life -skills. Students should dress in their "Sunday Best" clothing. We will leave it to parents to help their child choose their best options. (Students may bring a change of clothing if they want to switch to casual attire after the field trip.)

High School Field Trip:

Our High School students will attend a concert in the Grand Foyer of the Wortham Theatre this week too. (This field trip was reschedule from a prior date.)

Please let the office know if you are willing to drive on this field trip.
Guess What? Any Tuesday can be "Giving Tuesday"! Actually, at Crossroads School, we even advocate for Giving Monday, Giving Wednesday, Giving Thursday, Giving Friday, Giving Saturday AND Giving Sunday!

All kidding aside, the tuition, even though it is a significant amount, does not cover the costs to run the school. We depend upon your generous support. Please share with your family and friends and encourage others to think of Crossroads when making your year-end donations.

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By the way, we want to thank those that were so kind to donate on the official, Giving Tuesday. We raised an additional $440 on that day.
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