October 19, 2018
A Note from Acting Head of School...
Dear Parents,

Crossroads is getting a school song! Actually, to be more accurate, Crossroads students are composing a school song with the help of a Young Artist composer from Da Camera. This new project starting this week and will continue for the next 5 weeks.
The original song project started Friday morning during our "Community" and all students participated. This week started with a sharing of ideas for inclusion in the lyrics and the music. After discussing types of music and the feelings different styles evoke, Brandon Bell, Director of Education from Da Camera, asked the students to explain how Crossroads makes them feel? What do they want others to know about Crossroads? I must tell you that I was in the back of the room taking pictures and notes. It brought tears to my eyes. Here are a few of the comments the students made about Crossroads:

"Anyone is welcome."
"It's a great school and teachers can teach so much."
"It's family friendly and teachers are willing to help you."
"I was nervous at first that I would not have friends around but I have lots of friends
and it's a much better drive than my old school."
"Wonderful place to socialize and help people."
"Good jail."
"Teachers are awesome!"
"We are all different in our own way."
"Open spaces and open minded."
"It just makes me feel like...'Wow'!"
*** "It feels like home."

Da Camera, founded in 1987, was created with the intention to produce a series of thematically programmed concerts designed to attract new listeners to the concert hall. They do a wide range of community outreach programs to support their mission and we are thrilled that Crossroads will benefit from their support.

(***The students specifically told the composer to make the last sentence of the song this line because they wanted to make sure that is what people remember.)

Debi Mishael
Board Chair & Acting Head of School
(713) 977-1221 x101
More News on the Audio Visual Class School Portraits are underway!
When the A/V class first discussed the prospect of taking the school portraits, they explored the various aspects they would need to consider. This is an excellent example of Group Project Learning.

Students experimented by setting up a basic portrait arrangement with a chair, background, and a place for the photographer to stand. They took turns taking photos in different orientations, with each student taking a turn. The students loaded up those photos on their computers and looked through them using their photo software. The class discussed which shots were better and why and which lighting worked best. Today, students tested out professional photography lighting and a 35 mm camera. Students helped arrange the subject/camera positions and changes to lighting until they had a good basic setup. They also planned the logistics for dealing with a class of students coming into the room and where they would sit while waiting for each one to have a turn. Each A/V class student assumed a different job in the process, with each helping with photography.
Portrait of Mr. Mitch taken by a student
A big thank you to Mrs. Cantu for filling our planter with such a beautiful array of foliage! You have "upped" our curb appeal and we appreciate it!
Thank You for Making Us Look Good!
Community Events and Resources of Interest...
This free conference is designed to answer questions that parents of children with disabilities and educators face as the transition from school to adulthood begins.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Trinity Valley Community College -Palestine Mall

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Click on the flyer to download a pdf copy of the full flyer.
Easy ways to support Crossroads...Several stores will send Crossroads a portion of your sales! This is the easiest way to help support Crossroads while doing your regular grocery shopping! It's a win-win. Use the codes below to link your store loyalty card and/or your phone number. Click on the logo or the text below for more information.

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Crossroads School Events & Reminders

Wednesday, October 24 is a12:30 PM dismissal.
(This is to accommodate a teacher in-service opportunity.)

5822 Dolores St.
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 977-1221