October 26, 2018
A Note from Acting Head of School...
Dear Parents,

Recess is always a favorite activity in any school but teachers know that recess (and lunch) can also be a time fraught with landmines. Recess serves as a necessary break to the rigors of the structured academic activities. At Crossroads, it is also another opportunity to help students navigate and practice making good choices. It is an opportunity for our staff to model and moderate lunch table small talk. It's a chance for our students to interact with other students and practice social skills and it is a chance for staff to learn more about our students.

Both teaching faculty and administrative staff take turns supervising lunch and recess throughout the week. Students first eat lunch together for 20 minutes before they break off to recess activities. Even if they are finished eating, they sit and are encouraged to engage in conversation. This is certainly a life skill!

Recess options vary by day of the week. We have an active soccer game that includes students and always included a staff member. These games are highly moderated so that emotions don't escalate inappropriately and so everyone stays safe. Basketball is a favorite and the swings are always full. (Swings offer vestibular stimulation that is particularly calming to many of our students.) New to Crossroads is the "Recess Cart" that is full of art supplies, musical instruments and some books. Students who prefer not to engage in sports can choose from these activities. The Art Room and the Yoga Room are also supervised options on the schedule.

Finally, the Calm Down from recess is essential. Teaching our students how to transition from and active and self-regulated activity into a more structured class is important. There is a "Cool Down" period each day after recess. Students relax learn to make the transition and to the next activity.

Debi Mishael
Board Chair & Acting Head of School
(713) 977-1221 x101
Nightrageous was Awesome!

Last Friday night, 18 students signed up for an evening of fun...and it was...lots of fun! 7 staff, several parents and volunteers enjoyed some scary treats, outdoor sports, movie, costumes, disco ball karaoke and more. The students planned the event and decorated Building One. Denzel and his brother made "pizza skulls" to bring as a special treat. They were served with jello brains, worms and a grand finale cake.

The Cooking Class will begin this Wednesday.
There is still time to sign up.

This is an after-school enrichment class that takes place from 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM.
The cost is $315 for seven sessions:
October 31, November 7, 14, 28 and
December 5, 12, 19

Got Pumpkins?

We need pumpkins in various sizes to assist with experiments next week. In Science, students will roll the pumpkins on different surfaces to enhance their understanding of friction, speed, and velocity. In Math, the pumpkins will be measured and weighed to facilitate understanding of volume, weight, and circumference
What WE are reading...
In one of the early editions of our newsletter we posted a book review. This is a bit different, it is not yet a book review. This is an invitation to read along with the faculty at Crossroads. On Wednesday this week, (the day your children went home early) the staff held an in-service training where the book and topic was introduced. Below is a quote that introduces the chapter on Whole-School Education Approach and is very consistent with our stated desire to assure Crossroads School and "Emotionally Safe" space for students to learn.

"We don't expect students to learn algebra on their own, or to become good violinists or competent tennis players without instruction. Yet somehow we think children can learn how to get along with each other merely by being thrown together at school. Some do...but many more students would get along if schools made human relations part of the curriculum. There are many want sot do this, from teaching children to recognize and understand their emotions, to helping students develop greater empathy for others, to giving students the tools to resolve conflicts, to actively teaching students the skills to make friends." Elliot Aronson (Eminent American Psychologist)

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