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Michelle Schultz
Property Accountant

Meet Michelle Schultz


    1. If you would have asked my mother 8 years ago if her only child was ever getting married or having kids, she would have said sadly "no" (I was determined to live the life of Carrie Bradshaw, single and living in the city forever)...I am now happily married as of May 2015, my son is going to be 8 this March, and we live in the suburbs with 2 cats.  Life has a funny way of working itself out! 
    2. When I was in junior high I used to be a hair model.  Their idea of an "in style" haircut and my 8th grade class' idea of "in style" was not the was a long couple of months waiting for my hair to grow back out.
    3. Growing up, my parents wanted to get me a low maintenance pet that would not last long since I was not the most responsible pet owner...we decided on an iguana.  HIS name was Iggy and he grew to be 6 feet long, lived over 15 years and turned out to be a HER...Thanks mom and dad!
    4. I love running - it is my stress relief.  Most people do not believe I am at the gym every day during my lunch break, but I can assure you I am.  It's the only time I can find to get a good workout in.
    5. I graduated from Columbia College of Missouri with a major in accounting and a minor in Business Management, but when I started my freshman year I really wanted to be a forensic scientist like Gil Grissiom on CSI.  After my first semester I discovered science is really hard and not for me...
    6. Traveling is a must and the best trips are the ones with my whole family.  Our family's favorite vacation spot is the Outer Banks, North Carolina which we will be visiting again this summer - CAN'T WAIT!
    7. I collect vintage tea cups and saucers...this is not a collection I started myself, but one my mother-in-law started for me.  They are beautiful, but what is the purpose other than to collect dust?!?!?!
    8. My husband and I have known each other since High School.  Well, sort of...we sat at the same table for an entire year of study hall.  He has told me this a hundred times and I still don't remember.
    9. I'm an only child and when people hear that they usually say, "Oh, you must be spoiled...".  My usual answer is "Yes! And I am loving every minute of it!"
    10. One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was from my dad..."Know thy self".  Never try and be someone you are not.  Know and understand who you are and why you became that way.  Don't let others try and change you - always be your truest self.
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Schultz!
May 30th, 2015
Run, Michelle, Run!!!
My Family ~ My husband, Mike, my son, Kadin and ME!
My furry family members!
6400 Shafer Court 
Rosemont, Illinois
6400 Shafer Court is a seven-story 179,000 SF, class-A office building, conveniently located between Higgins and Devon in the heart of the Rosemont office market.  The property boasts numerous tenant amenities including manned security, on-site ownership & property management, as well as shuttle service to the CTA Blue Line, Rosemont's most efficient form of public transportation from downtown Chicago.  The property has undergone numerous improvements recently, including a complete renovation of all tenant bathrooms, a redesign and remodel of the building's deli & seating area and, coming in 2016, an expansion and renovation to the building's conference room.  These improvements, coupled with a strong commitment by ownership to its tenants and an active market presence, has pushed 6400 Shafer to its highest occupancy in over ten years.  We look forward to continuing to improve our building and providing the best-in-market amenities and service to our tenants.

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"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart." 
~ Sr. Thomas Watson

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