Kirsten Bowersox ~
Chief Operating Officer / Senior Vice President



  1. I am an avid kayaker, though I tend to fall out of the boat when I hit the rapids.  In late September this year, we kayaked the Manistique River in the UP and I was so proud I didn't fall out!
  2. I love muscle cars.  My favorite is the Chevelle convertible, but we own a 1969 AMX, which is fun, too!
  3. Two things I love watching that I wish I could do are surfing and figure skating.
  4. My 12 1/2 year old chocolate lab's name is Wrigley.  I got him in August of 2003 - the last time the Cubs almost "went".  We were very excited this year!
  5. I really enjoy managing people even though it's not easy.  My team at Crossroads is smart, quirky and funny.  I love that everyone brings something unique to the table and I really enjoy bringing out people's strengths to make the team "work".
  6. I can't sit still.  I can't even sit to watch a movie - I keep hitting pause and doing stuff during it.
  7. I make my husband's lunch every day and it's a surprise what he's going to get - I am constantly searching for "gourmet:" sandwiches and wraps to try on him.  And I put a note in his lunch also - sometimes it's an inspirational saying and sometimes it's just a simple "I love you".
  8. I enjoy cooking - mostly because you can make things up as you go.  And because I don't follow recipes well, I am a terrible baker!
  9. As much as I love real estate (nerd!), if I won the lottery, I'd open a flower shop.  I love flowers more than I love real estate!
  10. I've learned the hard way that happiness, peace and serenity comes from within.
Kirsten kayaking at Busse Woods
Elk Grove Village, IL
Kirsten enjoying some sun and fun 
on  the water with her husband, Jack
Kirsten's wedding day ~
June 28th, 2014!
Wrigley Bowersox
Halloween 2015

6400 Shafer
6400 Shafer Court is a seven-story 179,000 SF, class-A office building, conveniently located between Higgins and Devon in the heart of the Rosemont office market.  The property boasts numerous tenant amenities including manned security, on-site ownership & property management, as well as shuttle service to the CTA Blue Line, Rosemont's most efficient form of public transportation from downtown Chicago.  The property has undergone numerous improvements recently, including a complete renovation of all tenant bathrooms, a redesign and remodel of the building's deli & seating area and, coming early in 2016, an expansion and renovation to the building's conference room.  These improvements, coupled with a strong commitment by ownership to its tenants and an active market presence, has pushed 6400 Shafer to its highest occupancy in over ten years.  We look forward to continuing to improve our building and providing the best-in-market amenities and service to our tenants.
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This picture taken Nov. 19th,  2015, in Modesto, CA, shows a turkey selected for a pardon from the Thanksgiving dinner table by President Obama.  A class of fifth grade students from nearby Eisenhut Elementary School cheered for their favorite as Foster Farms staffers picked the prized bird.  The lucky turkey was selected on Thursday for a trip to the White House, where President Obama will pardon it in an annual tradition. (AP Photo/Scott Smith)

MODESTO, Calif. (AP)  - He strutted, he gobbled and he puffed up his feathers like his life depended on it.  And it did.

The turkey's outgoing personality and good looks helped spare him from the Thanksgiving plate.  The bird, named Tom One, was chosen for a presidential pardon from a dozen finalists Thursday at a Northern California farm.

The bird will board a flight called Turkey One in San Francisco to head to the White House ceremony with President Barack Obama ahead of the holiday.  After that he will be sent to live at a farm in Virginia.

Picking the lucky gobbler wasn't easy. He was among a dozen birds vying for the pardon at a Foster Farms ranch in Modesto, California, where a class of fifth-grade students cheered on the show.

"I think that bird is going to be lucky for the rest of his life, man," said Angel Avila, a 10-year-old student at Eisenhut Elementary in Modesto.  As the students watched and shouted for their pick, Foster Farms manager Joe Hedden and his team inspected the birds.  They put each on a stand and ran their hands over the feathers, body and head.

They let each walk around and waited for something to catch their attention.

"Turkey! Turkey!" the students chanted as judges picked the best bird.

Tom One was a clear winner, putting on a show by strutting his stuff: He puffed up his bright-white feathers and gobbled.  Above all, personality won the day, Hedden said.

"We want to present the president with a well-mannered and socially skilled turkey that's going to act right on the big day," he said.

The first turkey was officially granted a presidential pardon in 1989 by President George H.W. Bush, starting an annual holiday tradition.

Foster Farms won the honor of providing this year's turkey.  They selected the best one, and an alternate, called Tom Two.

Hundreds of students throughout California sent in their suggested names for the turkeys, which will be given their formal names at the White House.

Ira Brill, Foster Farms' director of communications, said the pardoning ceremony symbolizes a rare time when Americans come together.

"I think it's really an opportunity for any president - whatever his party - to reach out to the American public," Brill said.  "This is one of the few days that we all share something in common."

       "As we express our gratitude, we must never  forget 
         that the highest appreciation is not  to utter words, 
         but to live by them."   John F. Kennedy
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