Crosstown Connection August 8-14
Crosstown 2.0 continues to move forward. We completed our first live streaming Sunday worship service that saw an improvement in our viewership numbers. Thanks for popping in! We hope to see you more Sundays.
We also just completed the last phase of app review and now the Crosstown Covenant App is available for free on Apple and Google Play. Moving forward we hope to utilize the app to alert you to stories and special information from Crosstown. You can listen to previous sermons and utilize an online Bible. In the future we are looking at options for interactive sermon notes and prayer boards. For the next couple weeks we will highlight a feature on the app. We invite you to download it and please keep your push notifications on.
The office is still looking for a volunteer or two to help with online communications, photography, social media postings and so on. If you are interested please contact Kristi, the part-time Office Manager.
Resilient Faith
Resilient Faith Series for Sunday, August 9: Our focus passage from the Bible is II Corinthians 2:1-17. In order to prepare, I challenge you to read this passage AND respond in a specific way. In verses 14-16, Paul talks about aromas and fragrances. 
Will you begin now and ponder your most and least favorite scents? 
I'm asking that you text me your responses by 9 AM on Sunday morning!!!
For example, my favorite smell is steak 🥩 on the grill. My least favorite aroma involves the cooking of brussel sprouts 😣!
*RSVP is not mandatory but is preferred to help us track attendance for potential Covid notification.
*Please note that worship online will be available at 9:15am live streaming. After the service is completed the recording will convert to a video that you can watch at a different time on YouTube, our website, or church App.
Obituary for James H. Lindahl

Lindahl, James H. of Minneapolis, age 79, died peacefully on July 22, 2020...

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Celebration of Jimmy Lindahl's Life- Aug 21
There will be a service for Jimmy Lindahl on Saturday, August 21st. This service will be for family only, but the congregation is welcome to attend by live stream at 11:00 on the Crosstown YouTube channel.

Memorials in Jim's memory can be made to Crosstown Covenant Church, Minnehaha Academy, or Covenant Pines Ministries.
Bridal Shower- Aug 15
Kyla Fischer, daughter of Jim & Deena, is getting married in September. Samantha Buchanan, Kari Wheeler Young and Lynette Wheeler invite you to a bridal shower to celebrate!

Join us Aug 15 from 11:00a-1:00p at 6229 Morgan Ave Richfield. Because of the times, we will be trying to do this very carefully. The event will be outside and you can stop by to visit or opt to drive by and chat with Kyla from a distance. A light lunch will be available.

We would like you to RSVP to Lynette at 612-770-6351, Kari 612-281-4173, and Samantha 612-403-7863. Kyla is registered at Target.
Just Mercy- August 19
Crosstown Covenant Church invites you to join us for a free showing of “Just Mercy,” a gripping film based on the best-selling book by Bryan Stevenson.
Stevenson was the lawyer who founded the Equal Justice Initiative, a legal practice committed to assisting those who have been marginalized and wrongly condemned. “Just Mercy” tells the story of Bryan’s advocacy for Walter McMillian, a young man sentenced to death row for a crime he insists he never committed.
This powerful film shows how justice and compassion can work together and how the courage of one man can mean the difference between life and death for others.
Join us Wednesday, August 19th at 6:30pm. No RSVP required.
Minnehaha Academy Brick
After the explosion at Minnehaha's north campus a Together We Rise fundraising campaign was started and is ongoing. Bricks are sold for $1,913 in honor of the year (1913) that the school was founded. Crosstown purchased a brick and it's now on the legacy wall. If you would like to see the brick or visit the new north campus please call the school at (612) 729-8321.
While you're there you can hunt for Jimmy Lindahl's brick, too. How many Crosstown names can you find on the legacy wall?
Caring for Others
Initiative Completed
As the pandemic has evolved, so have some of our initial initiatives. At the onset of COVID, Michelle Larson and the Friendship & Hospitality Commission made a concerted effort to recruit volunteers to make phone calls. Under the stay-at-home order there was increased concern for our elderly, singles, home-bound, and those without internet connection. A list was put together and volunteers were assigned to make weekly phone calls.
These volunteers were then asked to log their interaction on a form so that we knew if someone needed a Pastoral phone call, extra tech assistance, a devotional delivered to the home, or a prayer request. Callers also left a brief note of the interaction.
We wanted to share some of the more than 300 calls completed so that you can witness the heart of caring for others. We are thankful for everyone who helped to make all of these connections. At this time this initiative has run its course and will be retired. If you need somethings please call the office.
"Missing friends at Crosstown since she can’t drive anymore" 
"Sounded in good spirits. Happy to receive weekly check ins."
"Wanted to share how blessed they were by last week’s service online."
"Told her we have volunteers to help bring things over - she sounded pleased to have that option."
"They really enjoyed the sermon online last week and are looking forward to doing communion this week. When I asked about prayer she said well, we all need prayer :) She is happy to receive weekly check in calls." 
"She was in good spirits and talked a lot! She said to tell John hello and she will pray for him."
"Doing well. Learning lots of new things being independent - positively embracing the challenge."
"Feeling "imprisoned" in his apartment, but in good spirits."
"She seemed to be doing well, although somewhat lonely because now all meals are brought to her room instead of eating in the dining room."
"Difficult days."
"Positive but lonely."
"Missing contact with kids, grandchildren, concerned about getting sick from others, but doing well. Looking forward to the weather getting a little warmer to able to work in the yard, feels that will make this easier."
"Mailed them a letter to follow up on our initial conversation."
"Very well. Beautiful conversation :)"
"Got out in the yard today. Would like this all to be over but sounds in good spirits."
"Got out today. Surprised at price of gas - had not filled up for a few weeks!" 
"He has lots of people contacting him. Every time I call he seems to have had loads of phone calls. One day he said that I was the 12th person to contact him." 
"Getting tired of staying in but maintaining patience as understands its for the best. Enjoying sidewalk concerts happening spontaneously outside apartment - can sit on balcony and listen." 
"Very lonely but otherwise is doing okay." 
"He seemed to need a "pick me up" at the time I called, and it seemed like the phone call helped."
"He talked more than he ever has. He seems lonely and bored." 
"She is in good spirits, is feeling well, and appreciated having Our Daily Bread delivered to her home."  
"Temporarily home from work due to current unrest in Mpls. Hopes to be back to work in 1-2 weeks." 
"Tired, struggling, discouraged"
All Church Retreat
Is church retreat still happening? Good question.
Yes! But as with every other aspect of life, it will look a little different this year. Sept 19-20 we will gather at Crosstown, not in McGregor. We will hear from a great speaker, Pastor Osheta Moore, in a couple different sessions. Check out her blog.

Our hope is that this would be a wonderful ALL CHURCH weekend (in person and virtually) of community building and growth. However, this will require some extra volunteer hands. Details for the weekend are still in process and if you would like to help make this a great weekend of fun, learning, and community please contact Pastor John.
31 Days of Subversive Joy

Osheta Moore's blog of Shalom.

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Herb Norby 8/12, Belinda Kuhn 8/12, Amy Ponce 8/12, Phyllis Herman 8/14, Corrina Hartman 8/15, Elaine Olofson 8/15, Lew Olson 8/16, Ruth Nash 8/17, Micah Halse 8/17
Email the office if you would like your birthday included.
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