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Mission Accomplished!

Occasionally, a camper parent will send us a testimony about the experience their daughter/son  had at camp. The testimonies are inspiring stories of how Crossways is living out our mission "to change lives and enhance communities". They serve as an important reminder of why Crossways exists and why it is important for congregations and families to offer this opportunity to youth. Here is a testimony we just received this week about Confirmation Camp:

"My son attended confirmation camp last June and when I left him there, I left a group of quiet, unsure, awkward boys.  When I came back at the end of the week, I saw this fun, happy group of friends! On the way home, my son and another boy were talking in the car about their experiences.  The two of them do not hang out with the same crowds at school, so I was happy that they seemed to bridge that gap over the course of the week.  The other boy then said to my son, "last night at the candle light service did you feel something?  Like a really good feeling?"  My son said ,"YES I totally felt that!"  I told them that that was the Holy Spirit and asked them if it changed how they thought of life and God etc.  The boys said that they will NEVER doubt that there is a God again!

Then after we got home and my son awoke from his camp coma on the couch, he said, "Mom, it's weird... when we got to camp, some of us were jocks, some were nerds, some were geeks, some were cool kids, but when we left, we were all brothers."   LOVE!!! 

T hank you and your staff for the amazing experience you give to these kids!!!"

In case you have any doubts about whether to send your child or your youth from the congregation to camp, I hope this testimony serves as a reminder about the POWER OF GOD revealed at camp. Isn't this the experience every parent, grandparent or pastor would want their child/youth to have at camp? For all of us, it is "Mission Accomplished!" God Bless you and THANK YOU for supporting the Mission and Ministry of Crossways!

See you at Camp!

Jake Czarnik-Neimeyer
Executive Director
It is not too late to attend the  SPRING WORK DAY  on Saturday, April 30th at ALL THREE SITES! If you plan to join us for lunch, please contact Liz Locke at 920-882-0023 or by Tuesday, April 26th.
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