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February 2018
Our Own Stories
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1, New International Version)

You might recognize these words from a fairly popular text called the Bible. The words that follow this verse are an amazing collection of histories, poems, letters, prophecies and more that provide a narrative for Christian faith. What is so fantastic is that we have been given the gift of being able to look at the Bible as a whole, even though the words within originate at different times over a span of many, many years.

That fact really gets to me sometimes.

All of the groups and individuals in the Bible could not have known what would come next. They were people, after all, just like you and me. They had their own stories to live. I very much doubt that Eve or Adam would have been able to detail the events of Jesus’ life on earth. I do not think that Solomon would have been able to speak directly about how modern society might incorporate social media technology into Sunday School lessons. And I certainly do not believe that Paul would have known that one day, so many kids would be learning about “the heavens and the earth” by going to summer camp.

We each have our own stories. We each have our own lives, with characters we love and cherish, and challenges we each face every day. We have the wisdom provided to us by those who have come before, and we have each other to discuss and support our faith journey.

My story has brought me to Crossways Camping Ministries. I never expected it. I never asked for it, yet here I am. And thank God! As a Servant Leader Intern here, I have been challenged to grow in professional, personal, and spiritual ways every day. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many passionate, caring people at our camps and in the administration office. I do not know what may follow this, but I know that I’ll be able to look back at my time here and see that it was good.
Daniel Feldhacker
Servant Leader Intern
Dan is one of three Servant Leader Interns serving at Crossways for the 2017-2018 season. Servant Leader Interns function in many capacities at all three sites: retreat hosting, leading and assisting with programs, sitting in on and participating in committees (like the Program Committee and Marketing Committee), engaging in mentoring relationships with local church leaders, and more. Past interns have discerned calls to rostered and lay ministry - one is currently in seminary, and another is in full-time/year-round camping ministry!

Do you know of a young adult (or are YOU a young adult) looking for a 9-month (September-May) experience to enrich their life, deepen their faith, develop valuable skills, and discern God's call? Visit our Servant Leader Internship webpage to learn more. You can also contact our Program Coordinator, Becca Mortenson, directly:
Have you sent in your delegate RSVP form for our upcoming Annual Meeting? Please send forms in ASAP so we can accurately plan and prepare for your participation. Make sure your RSVP indicates if you will be staying for lunch!
We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Jake Sorenson, project director for the Effective Camp Research Project, to our meeting this year. This multi-year research project sought to answer the question: how is camp impacting our campers and their families, congregations, and communities? We know camp has an impact, but this pioneering research tells us what makes camp so powerful, who camp impacts (it's not just the campers!), and why this matters for us as the church. Jake will give a 30-minute presentation at our meeting followed by a panel discussion with our staff.
Are you interested in coming to hear Jake's presentation but are not a delegate from your congregation? This would be a great presentation for youth leaders to attend! Contact Liz at our administrative office to inquire about space! When RSVPing please include if you'd like to stay for lunch.

Click below to read a brief blog post by Dr. Jake Sorenson on the impact of summer camp! Then go to to select your programs for 2018!
Do you know about all of the discounts we offer for our summer camp fees? Oh, the discounts! Here's a glimpse of how you can save on camp in 2018 *

  • Early-Bird Discount/Deadline: All registrations received before or on March 15th receive our Early-bird Discount! $15 for full week youth campers, $10 for half week youth campers, $10 for full week family campers, and $5 for 4-day/weekend family campers. Our Early-Bird Deadline is March 15.

  • Refer-a-Friend Discount: Campers can refer a friend to Crossways (this new camper must be a first-time summer camper with Crossways) for a $25 discount per new camper referred! Full-week campers can refer up to 4 new campers for a max discount of $100, while half-week campers can refer up to 2 new campers for a max discount of $50.

  • First-Time Camper Discount: All first-time youth campers (full-week and half-week) can receive a $25 discount!

  • 2018 Youth Gathering Participant Discount: NEW this month, we are offering ALL 2018 Youth Gathering participants (8th-12th grade) $100 off Mavericks, Settlers, or Leader-In-Training/LIT.

*A $100 deposit is required upon registration for all discounts. For more information please visit our Pricing, Discounts, & Financial Assistance webpage. You may also contact our office at | 920-882-0023.

Youth Retreats Coming This Spring:
Jr High Blast (6th-8th grade) & B.Y.G. (3rd-6th grade)
We have two youth retreats coming up this spring for junior high youth and elementary youth! Check to make sure you've got these dates on your calendar. CLICK HERE to visit our website for registration instructions (registration forms, health forms, etc.). Contact Liz at our administrative office if you have any questions - | 920-882-0023.

To reserve space for your group, contact Liz at our admin office by the group reservation deadlines given below!
Jr High Blast
March 2-4
Pine Lake Camp
6th-8th grade youth & adult leaders
Group reservation deadline: ASAP
Registration forms deadline: ASAP
We still have a few spots available - contact our admin office ASAP if you'd like to bring your small group to this retreat!
B.Y.G. (Building Youth Groups)
April 13-15
Imago Dei Village
3rd-6th grade youth & adult leaders
Group reservation deadline: March 13
Registration forms deadline: March 29
Adult Retreats Coming this Spring:
One Year to Live Men's Retreat | Women's Wellness Retreat
One Year to Live Men's Retreat
March 16-18, 2018 - Pine Lake Camp

Men yearn for real friendships and a closer relationship with Christ. This experience invites you to be adventurous and courageous, genuine and spiritual. Band together with brothers in Christ to be challenged, to examine your life, and make decisions about the kind of life you want to lead. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AN INFO FLYER!

CLICK HERE for more event information! Registration deadline is March 2nd.
Women's Wellness Retreat
April 20-22, 2018 - Pine Lake Camp

Gather with sisters in friendship and faith to laugh, pray, and play. We'll dig into stories of strong women in the Bible, enjoy enriching devotions, soul-filling fellowship, and more! Renew your heart, soul, body, and mind at camp this spring. DOWNLOAD AN INFO FLYER HERE!

Optional add-ons: 60-minute massage and decorative sign painting!

CLICK HERE for more event information! Registration deadline is April 6th.
We're hiring our 2018 summer staff! Do you know any young adults who would make a great cabin leader? Are YOU looking for a meaningful way to spend your summer while gaining important life skills (and your resume)? Did you know many big-name employers put resumes with "camp staff" listed at the top of the pile?

CLICK HERE to learn more about positions available for 2018 at all three camps.
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