Dear Partners in Crossways Camping Ministries!
Len's Place and the recipient of volunteer of one's services to Crossways for 2016 were both surprises beyond my wildest dreams. I feel very honored and blessed to have received the recognition from among many deserving individuals associated with Crossways Camping Ministries.
It hardly seems possible that 50+ years have passed since joining First English Lutheran in Oshkosh and becoming associated with camping ministries. I recall Shadow Lake Camp in Waupaca - no longer part of Crossways. The Village site on Long Lake at Clintonville, now Imago Dei Village, pristine Mission Lake, now Waypost Camp, near Bevent and the addition of Pine Lake Camp; these form our Crossways' family. These three distinct and unique camps form one powerful ministry. Through those many years I have served in various capacities with this very meaningful and life changing ministry. Volunteering on projects under the canopy of trees and blue skies has been a first priority.
I refresh one's mind by stating that Outdoor Ministry had its beginning in chapters 1 and 2 in Genesis so it has stood the test of time. It demands our attention even to this day. I have tried to practice my volunteer efforts along what it says in Philippians 2: 1-4.
God has truly blessed my family and me. Being a part of Crossways has been an exciting faith venture. I urge you to take an active role in enhancing this ministry so future generations can be enriched in His great and majestic kingdom. God's best to you.
A Partner in the Ministry of Crossways Camping Ministries,
Len Place
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