It seems like there is always something new and exciting happening at camp.  This past week was no exception.  Two of the remaining four B Side cabins have been moved off of Imago Dei Village.  Not only does the removal of these buildings change the look of our landscape, it also symbolizes the end of an era. 

For years, cabins like the B Sides were the primary buildings at camp.  Their purpose evolved from housing campers, to housing leadership staff, to serving as storage buildings. Over the years, our camp facilities have changed to meet our camper and programming needs.  Regardless of the changes that may come and go at camp, our purpose stays the same.  Crossways Camps bring people together in Christ so live can be changed and communities enhance.  Our sites continue to be places where ind ividuals, families and faith communities can come together to experience God in different ways.  Alumni refer to camp as a place where the y discovered their strengths, learned about themselves and deepened their relationship with God.  Our staff can't wait for another summer  to start because they are excited for the opportunities and community that camp provides.  Campers return year after year to form friendships and discover their faith.  Crossways is a ministry that reaches far beyond the confines of our buildings.  The B sides may no longer be part of Imago Dei Village, but the ministry continues!  Thanks be to God!
  Peace overflowing,
Jess Throlson - Camp Director, Imago Dei Village

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