Crosswinds Newsletter
July 22, 2020 I Volume 524
A Word from the Pastor
Good morning, Church!

A part of our vision as a church has been to reach new people for Christ. The church has been described as a mission outpost for God’s Kingdom, planted in strategic places in order to reach those who have yet to come to faith in Christ. We are one of those outposts. And here is some exciting news: We have something that no other church in the world has. Are you ready for it? We have you. 

No other church on the face of this planet has you, which means it doesn’t have access to your gifts and graces or connections to the people you know. You are important, and you can play a critical role in reaching new people for Christ. 

While reaching new people for Christ conjures up all kinds of images in our heads, I would like to ground what I’m proposing in relationships. Our reach is most effective with those we actually know, and sometimes something as simple as an invitation to participate can go a long way. 

While this season has been an unforgettable one for us, it has also provided some opportunities. Since we’re meeting online, it has never been easier to extend the invitation to a friend to check out our church. It has also never been easier for a friend to visit our church. They don’t have to worry about where to park, if they’ll be late, or what to wear. They can go to church in their pjs if they want. My point is this: Extending the invitation for others to join us plants a seed. What may begin as a simple online connection might grow into something deeper. We’re already seeing it begin to happen. I want for our church to see more of it. 

So here’s what I’m asking you to do. Think and pray about those you can invite to worship. Actually, let me back up. Don’t pray about it. God wants to reach them, and so should you. Just send them an invitation to join us for worship or send them the WayPoints. They might accept; they may not. The results aren’t up to you, but issuing the invitation is. It’s like Pastor Andy Stanley once said, “I can’t make someone enter into relationship with God, but I can set up a date.”   

Pastor Brady
Congratulations Sue, On Your Retirement!
Sue Fiske is retiring after many years of beautiful music as the church organist. She was always seated at her bench with hands on the organ every Sunday ready to play and play she did. She is an extremely talented organist and pianist. There were many times that she was at the piano accompanying the choir or playing the special music for the service. She was always willing to accompany any special production put on by the church such as the musical "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and many others. She is truly an excellent musician and has been a huge blessing to First United Methodist Church of Midlothan. She will be missed very much, and we wish her all the happiness in the world as she enters into her now life as a RETIREE. Thank you, Sue, for your many years of being our awesome organist.
Returning In-Person
We're still aiming at August 2nd for our first in-person worship experience. We're watching the number of COVID-19 cases in our surrounding area closely, hoping to see a plateau and downward trend. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the addition of our in-person outdoor "field services". 
Creation Kids Summer Programming
This is the last week of Faith Lab @ Home Family Experience. Creation Kids will meet Wednesday nights on Zoom, starting next week, July 29th. Watch for details. We look forward to seeing everyone!
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Housefires - Wednesdays @ 6 PM
Through August 5th

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Weekly Discipleship Video
Week 8 - "The Book of Mark" Series, Mark 14 & 15
Mark 14:1-9 – Anointing at Bethany
So what do you think about what I just said? I do want you to answer one question in your conversation: Why is it easier to be dedicated than it is to be devoted? What is so hard about being devoted to Jesus?
Mark 14:32-42 – Gethsemane
How is it that pride is our greatest weakness and admitting our weakness becomes our greatest strength?
Mark 15:21-32 – Death of Jesus
I wonder if we’re ready and willing to set aside our agendas and plans for Jesus’ agenda?
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Prayer Requests
Roxie Rogers - death of her husband Rick.
Judy Barr - death of her son-in-law David Pettyjohn
Joan Hirdes (friend of Jenny Short) - sick with COVID-19
Wanda Scott - knee replacement surgery (date change)
Angela Cadie Day (sister of Mel Nolan) - sick with COVID-19

 Continuous Prayer
Jeline Pegram, Raymond & LaFerne Cuddy, Karen Wilson, Dorothy Wares, George & Dee Culps, Dave Swiedom, Don Lish, Rodger Keyes, John Lowe, Chelsea Peel
COVID-19 Crisis , All those who have to make important and wise decisions regarding reopening businesses, churches and all other places.
ARMY - Matt Carroll, Tim Kruettner, Harold Barton, Josh Schenck, Austin Lockwood
NAVY - Matthew Price, Andrew Cantrell, Zachary Tucker, Thomas Shirley
AIR FORCE - J.D. Culps, Andrew Miller 
MARINES - Collin Johansen, Josh Dunaway,  Seth Allen, Bradley Perez, Elizia Delapaa  

Remember in Prayer
Our world, our country, our community leaders, all our military troops around the world, our church, our pastors, the staff, church members, visitors, and Midlothian community
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