Crosswinds Newsletter
March 3, 2021 - Volume 555
A Word from the Pastor
This past Wednesday night, our youth had a special event called Fire Night. We gathered at the Pumpkin Patch around fire pits to enjoy some hot chocolate courtesy of our youth servants. The youth enjoyed fellowship and worship together. 

That night we closed out a series called Soul Detox. In the series, we explored the toxic things we allow into our lives, like influences, thoughts, fears, etc. We looked at each of these and how they affect our souls. That night our focus was on toxic words--both words that have been said about us and words we have used against others. That is a relevant message regardless of age as we see toxic words tossed around so flippantly in the world around us. It’s easy to get caught up in the current and to contribute to the pain they cause. What a good reminder that Jesus Christ heals the wounds from such words of others and calls us to encourage rather than inflict harm with our words. 

The series itself was a good reminder for the season of Lent. Lent is a time where we remember our call to holiness. That often means abstaining from toxic influences that mar the soul. While holiness can be a daunting idea, it really is, in its most basic sense, a call to live into the image of God from whom we were created. It is, with God’s help, a moving away from the sin that only damages us and others and moving toward the wholeness that is found in the Lord. It is completely embracing our new identity in Christ and living in the fullness of life through Him. 

So as we move through this Lenten season, let us be intentional about asking the Lord to refine us and purify us that we may be holy. It is as we grow in holiness that God’s goodness becomes evident through us and we bring Him glory. 

As a side note for those who are curious about our search for a youth director: the SPRC is currently working in conjunction with The Center for Youth Ministry Training, a graduate level program for those seeking to be equipped for a lifelong call to youth ministry. They work to pair a youth minister in the program with a church. Since youth ministers are one of the scarcest church positions available today, the SPRC feels this is the best means of finding a great youth pastor who sees youth ministry as a calling rather than a stepping stone. We were fortunate to have Jason serve as a youth director for so many years and are thankful he’s still on staff as our contemporary worship leader, but we know that such a long tenure is rare today for youth ministers. We want to find the right person who wants to stay to build our youth program. We encourage you to continue praying for the youth minister God has in store for us. In the meantime, our youth are being led by Keelee, our dedicated youth servant team, and me.  

Pastor Brady Johnston
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Bible Study Starts Today
Red Cross Blood Drive
Sunday March 14
9 AM - 2 PM
If you are healthy and have NOT donated in the past 56 days, please consider donating blood!

To make an appointment, visit and enter the sponsor code “fumcmid” or call 1-800-RedCross. Click the links below for information before you donate:

*Photo ID or Red Cross Donor Card required
**Please do RapidPass prior to coming in at

Let’s Intentionally save lives together!
Lenten Reading
This Lent we are leaning hard into scripture study and prayer as a means of examination. God’s Word often acts like a mirror, allowing us to see in ourselves what we might not otherwise. Prayer is a time when we listen to Spirit’s prompting. This is why we are encouraging you to participate in the WayPoint daily devotional throughout Lent. The WayPoints are designed to help you prayerfully engage God’s Word so that we might respond in obedience. Click on Waypoint or FUMC Facebook to find the WayPoints.
Confirmation Classes
Confirmation Classes have started for students 6th grade and older. We will meet through May 31st from 9:45-10:45 AM in the FLC each Sunday. If you have questions or need more info, please email Keelee.
Discipleship Bands are made up of three to five people who commit to read together, pray together and meet together with the expectation that they will share in God’s love together. We use the term “band” as a noun to refer to a group, but it’s more easily understood as a verb.  In other words, it’s a group that bands together, meeting regularly to seek Christ together. If you’re interested in more information or want to join a band, please click on and out this Google form below.
Creation Kids Links:

Stay connected in Creation Kids Children's Ministry! Follow us on our Facebook page, Creation Kids, and our Instagram page, @creationkidsfumcmidlo, to keep up with resources for connection. For more information, email Keelee Allen.
Junior & Senior High Youth Group
Wednesday Nights
6:30-8 PM in the FLC

Stay connected in FUMC Midlo Youth Ministries! Follow us on our Youth Facebook page, FUMC Midlo Youth (public) and our Instagram page, @fumcmidloyouth. Youth and Youth parents, join our private Facebook Group, FUMC Midlothian Youth. For Remind 101 for Youth, text @7b2dff6 to the number 81010. If you have any questions, please email Pastor Brady.
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Nursery and Early Childhood
Infant Through Pre-K is Available
We offer Nursery and Early Childhood care (infant through pre-k) during our Sunday morning worship services. If you would like your children to attend, please visit our Creation Kids Webpage to review our entire policy before bringing your children. Elementary age children will need to stay with their family in worship at this time. If you have any questions, please email Keelee Allen at Keelee. Thank you!
Worship Together
Sunday, March 7
When Grace is Messy
Luke 7:36-50
8:30 AM Traditional
11 AM Contemporary
Check out our Lenten Devotional Series in our Waypoints during the season of Lent! WayPoint is a daily guide to help you grow and expand upon the scriptures we are studying. WayPoints are available at Waypoint and daily at FUMC Facebook.
Church Office Hours & Appointments
Church office visits can be made by appointment only at this time. In effort to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19, church staff will primarily be working remotely. Phones will be forwarded and answered. Please contact the church office at 972-775-3993 to make an appointment for church business.

If you have any personal financial questions, please send an email to Attach copies of any documents necessary regarding your questions.

Please remember we are practicing social distance and wearing face masks as an act of love for one another while on campus. Face masks are required when you are at the church - in both the Main Building and the Family Life Center. Thank you.
Prayer Requests
Michael Stokum - surgery
Clayton & JoAnn Bryant - death of son Eddie
Dan Maresca - starting chemo treatments
Ed Nix - surgery

Continuous Prayer
Karen Wilson, Dorothy Wares, George & Dee Culps, Don Lish, John Lowe, Chelsea Peel, God's Garden Preschool

COVID-19 Crisis, All those who have to make important and wise decisions regarding reopening businesses, churches and all other places
ARMY - Matt Carroll, Tim Kruettner, Harold Barton, Josh Schenck, Austin Lockwood
NAVY - Matthew Price, Andrew Cantrell, Zachary Tucker, Thomas Shirley, Matthew Watford
AIR FORCE - J.D. Culps, Andrew Miller 
MARINES - Collin Johansen, Josh Dunaway,  Seth Allen, Bradley Perez, Elizia Delapaa  

Remember in Prayer
Our world, our country, our community leaders, all our military troops and first responders around the world, our church, our pastors, the staff, church members, visitors, and Midlothian community
Thank You for Your Generosity
Thank you for your generosity! We continue to do great ministry as a church because of you and your faithfulness. We encourage you to continue giving to the church's ministry either by mailing in your financial gifts or giving online by clicking on the button below. Every gift helps us do greater things for God's Kingdom!
Church Staff
Senior Pastor: Rev. Brady Johnston
Executive Pastor: Rev. Dr. April Fehler
Children's Director: Keelee Allen
God's Garden Preschool Director: Michelle Coffin
Traditional Worship Leader: Paul Martin
Contemporary Worship Leader: Jason Westbrook
Administrative Assistant: Mary Beth Mayo
Finance Coordinator: Cindy Gudgell
Organist: Laurie Duke
Media Director: Valerie Dick
Facilities Director: Matt Sanders 
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