Croupiers! Get in on the Action!
Hi Croupiers!  

Now is the time to showcase your imagination and talents to promote CONNECT2019 to your members, gain some national exposure and - wait for it - potentially win a cash prize for registration highs! Let’s see if you and your chapter are, in gambling parlance,  a natural.  

Here’s your chance to win the   jackpot for your chapter! We have two prizes (to be announced): one for the greatest number of chapter members attending and one for the greatest percentage of chapter members attending. Winners will be recognized at CONNECT2019 . Of course, we are all winners when we attend this exciting and innovative conference. Encourage your chapter members to go for the  comps –  get as many members committed to attending as possible. 

We also want to brag on our most enthusiastic chapters and share your successful and innovative ideas with others. Use props, costumes, sound effects (try this youtube link for slot machines) – whatever you think will motivate your members!  Send us an email to show us photos and video of your promotional activities; we will share them on our social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

Are your members  high rollers or do they have a  martindale ? Your fun with marketing CONNECT2019 in your chapter will inspire members across the country and make this conference a  sweepstakes winner!

Thank you again for being our creative voices in your chapters!

Your Pit Bosses,
Jane Rosinski and Kathy Youngman

CC: Croupiers, National Board, Chapter Services, Corporate Marketing, Chapter Presidents, Conference Administration