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"Crowd it out." Have you heard this piece of nutritional advice? It simply means to fill up your plate and your stomach with the good stuff, so there won't be much space left for anything else. As we begin the second month of 2019, I hope this piece of advice is helpful!   
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Confused About What To Eat?
This article is from an interesting interview with Dr. David Katz, author of "Truth About Food." Dr. Katz is the founding director of Yale University's Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center. He reveals his "3 Truths" to end all confusion about a healthy diet.

Dr. Katz  wrote The Truth about Food because he says there's a problem with the current dialog about nutrition-whether it's morning shows, diet books, or even the scientific literature. "People are fed a little bit of truth at a time, and also usually just one perspective at a time. So if someone wants to make the case for one diet, they make the case for that kind of diet. The result is unending confusion and consequently, as a culture, we've totally lost our way about diet and health.  There's more than one way to eat badly and the American culture seems committed to trying them all. "
A Reason to Jump for Joy! 
In a study published in the journal Neurology , researchers led by James Blumenthal, professor in psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center, found that even among a group of older people who already show signs of thinking problems,  exercising  regularly over six months and eating more healthfully can improve their performance on cognitive tests.
These pups are panting for Tower Gardens!
Pictured above is the Tower Garden farm at Superba, an LA-based restaurant. Whether you have a pup or a restaurant, you can also grow your own produce with a Tower Garden. Small enough to be grown on your balcony, or large enough to scale to a small residential farm, a Tower Garden can help you make this year the year of growing fresh for you & your family!

Check out this short Facebook video by Tower Garden inventor Tim Blank if you'd like to learn more about the differences   between soil gardening and Tower Gardening.    
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