Crown of Glory Building &
Mortgage Fund Update:
Thank You for Your Response!

Back in the month of June the Church Council sent out a letter to members of Crown of Glory detailing our financial status through the month of May. That letter was followed by an additional letter in July from Pastor Reggie that further reviewed the challenges we were facing with our Building/Mortgage Fund. The June and July updates detailed that Crown of Glory was over $39,500 behind our budgeted or expected contributions to the Mortgage Fund.
We are happy to report that in July, after you all had a chance to review the finances, we received nearly $27,000 designated for the Mortgage Fund from members and families of the congregation.  Thank you for your incredibly generous response to our need! These gifts surpassed nearly $16,000 more than what we have been receiving on a monthly basis over the first six months of the fiscal year. As a review and quick report, we received a few large gifts and numerous small increases in donations during the month of July. Plus, there have been several more Building/Mortgage Fund gifts received in the month of August! Our sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks to all of you who were able to make these gifts happen! We are grateful for your response and even more grateful knowing that together we are now much closer to meeting our expected goal for our building and mortgage. 
Finally, as a follow up to our last financial report, during this summer the Church Council and the Finance Team have been working to adjust our budget and our expenses in order to meet our financial goals. With Pastor Matt Bersagel’s retirement and Alex Heetland’s departure, we have been able to reduce operating expenses, thus helping us make up some of the deficits in the Mortgage Fund. Ultimately we realize that this effort must be a sustained effort in order for us to make our goals become a reality and fully fund our mortgage account. 

So in closing we offer our deepest thanks once again for your partnership and invite others, if you haven’t already, to please consider a sustainable gift to the Crown of Glory Building/Mortgage Fund. 

Please choose from one of the following ways to make your gift:

  • One-Time Gift: Make a one-time gift designated to the Building/Mortgage Fund. Place your gift in an envelope marked “Building/Mortgage Fund” and drop it off at the church office or in the worship collection plate. Or mail to: Ashley Pederson, Building/Mortgage Fund, 1141 Cardinal St., Chaska, MN 55318.

  • Fulfill Your Pledge: If you haven’t already fulfilled your pledge for this year and would like to do so now, send it or drop it off in the church office in an envelope marked “Building/Mortgage Fund”.

  • Make A Pledge: If you haven’t already filled out a pledge to the Building Fund and would like to do so now, please contact Ashley Pederson, our Finance Director to discuss this option.

  • Automated Gift: Set up an automated gift that is deducted from your bank account at a monthly rate. Please contact Ashley Pederson ( to discuss this option.

  • Text to Give: Finally, you can make a gift through “Text to Give”; it’s a simple way to make a gift with your smart phone. It’s safe and easy. For more information, contact Ashley Pederson and she will help guide you through the process. Or text 952.260.4933 to get started.

Your servant in Christ,
Reverend Reggie Klindworth
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