December 30, 2020
Worship With Us Online
Sunday, January 3
9:30 a.m.
Pastor Reggie
Preaching This Sunday

"Getting Started with Something New"
Second Sunday of Christmas
Confirmation and Connect News
Connect (4th & 5th grade) and Confirmation (6th - 8th grade) are in recess for Christmas Break on Wednesday, December 30. We return to our regular schedule on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.

SPARK Lesson: "Jesus the Word"
This Sunday, during the Children’s Message, Pastor Reggie will be reading John 1:1-18 from our SPARK Story Bibles. Be sure to have yours with you and follow along! We will hear about just how big of a deal it was that God sent Jesus to live on the Earth. Jesus is called the “Word made flesh,” and is understood to be a super strong connection between us (humans) and God. Through Jesus, we are able to understand God on a new, deeper level, and we are still learning about God to this day!

January SPARK Bags

Due to increased COVID precautions, January SPARK bags have been cancelled.
Nursery Nuggets
Hi Nursery Buddies and Parents!

All the excitement for Jesus’ birthday is so much fun! You know the song "12 Days of Christmas", right? Well, those 12 days actually mark the span between the birth of Jesus and the coming of the Magi to see baby Jesus. Which is awesome that Mary got 12 days of rest after all that in a barn! I wouldn’t mind 12 days of rest after the holiday season.

There are many other countries that continue to celebrate from December 25 to January 6, known as King’s Day, that marked when Jesus was first called King. This is widely known in our country as a Catholic tradition to celebrate on this day, but lots of cultures and all sorts of Christians do. Also, a lot of other cultures will sustain from eating full meals through out this time to have a huge feast on the last day. Also, there is a traditional dessert called a King Cake that is eaten in celebration all over the world!

Activity: Here is a recipe (super simple) for a King Cake that maybe you can help your adults make! At some point down the line, the colors for the frosting became a tradition. Purple symbolizes justice, green symbolizes faith and gold symbolizes power. All the things Jesus has and gives us as our King.

Also, have another listen to the song "12 Days of Christmas" and look at the meanings behind the gifts

Jenni Payne
Nursery Coordinator
Music Notes
“Good people all this Christmastide, consider well and bear in mind
What our good God for us has done in sending his beloved Son.”

This lovely carol, The Wexford Carol (so-called because it probably originated in medieval Wexford, Ireland), will be our Offering on Sunday. It has taken many years to grow on me, and I have never done it, until now.

When I first heard it, the text seemed pedantic and scolding, “consider well and bear in mind,” and lacking in any sort of joy, “we should pray.” The tune was equally difficult, and elusive to remember. I had heard it in arrangement for choir that, I now know, had eliminated many of its Irish characteristics. I realize now it is its very “Irish-ness,” its Celtic origins, that makes the music so appealing, and puts the words in context!

Take a listen; Alison Krauss and Yo Yo Ma rock! They give it back its Irishness in Ma’s cello drone and in the flexible way Krauss interprets the melody. They even add a penny whistle and bagpipes, albeit from another room! And I love that two musical superstars collaborate on this. After all, isn’t that what Christmas is all about, love for each other and working together to make a better world?

Tom Paulson
Director of Music & Worship
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Offering and Electronic Giving
Please consider continuing your weekly offering during these times when we are not gathering, as our congregation will still have our regular financial obligations. Thank you for considering one of the following ways:
  • Mailing your offering to our address at 1141 Cardinal Street Chaska, MN 55318.
  • Getting signed up for Simply Giving, an automated giving option, by filling out this form and sending it to our Director of Finance, Ashley Pederson.
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Please scan our QR code to be taken to our giving page or click here to learn more. Thank you.

Year end gifts for 2020 need to be received at the church by December 31.
What's for Dinner?
Try this recipe for Wild Rice Soup with Ham!
Crown of Glory Updates
  • Pastors will be available by phone or email in case of an emergency or for any other pastoral care needs. To reach one of our pastors directly, please call the church office at 952-448-3230 and select the appropriate extension. The office phone system will forward the call directly to the pastor’s personal cell phone every time you call.

Building Use: 
  • The church is closed, and staff will work from home during the week when possible until further notice. For the full building use update, please click here. Thank you for your support during these times.
  • DS West Driving School instructors and students are using the church parking lot for behind the wheel instruction.

Church Council Update:
  • The November Church Council minutes are now available. Please contact Pastor Reggie if you would like a copy emailed to you.
  • The next Church Council Meeting is on January 11, from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

COVID-19 Update: Mask Mandate
  • Please click here to read our response to Executive Order 20-81.

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