June 18, 2020
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Pastor Laura
Preaching This Sunday
"Jesus Shakes Things Up"
Third Sunday After Pentecost
Thankful Thursdays!
Log onto our YouTube channel at 12:05 p.m. today for a brief devotional by Pastor Laura! We will be offering this devotional every Thursday during this time of social distancing. If you have any questions, contact Pastor Reggie or Pastor Laura !
Final Wednesday Worship
Join us next Wednesday, June 24 for the final Wednesday Evening Prayer Service of the summer. Pastor Reggie and Pastor Laura will share the message.
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Please consider continuing your weekly offering during these times when we are not gathering, as our congregation will still have our regular financial obligations. Thank you for considering one of the following ways:
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Children's Ministry
Growing in Faith Together
In our gospel this week, Matthew 10:24-39, Jesus seems to be tearing families apart. Jesus starts with an obvious, common sense observation that most people could agree with. “A disciple is not above the teacher, nor a slave above the master” (v.24). But as he keeps talking the obvious and agreeable are dislocated, deconstructed, and decimated like a family at war within itself.

More than being on each other’s last nerve because of too much togetherness, Jesus is pointing to and redefining life giving and generative relationships in service to fellow human beings who are outside one’s social conventional in-group or kin. Jesus points to a broader kinship in the Beloved Community that reflects the image and nature of the Triune God as giving of oneself for the good of the whole community. Jesus names a familiar power dynamic among disciples and teachers, servants and masters and reveals the divine dynamic of the kingdom of heaven present in relationships where opposites are “like” one another. “It is enough” describes life in the Beloved Community as generative mutuality and friendship with folks who are “other” than oneself; where those considered “above” and “below” are equals.

In your prayer and reflection this week, consider making this move with one of your assumptions about how the world works. Where there is an assumed power different or preferred value (like disciple and teacher or servants and master) consider “it is enough” for these two to be “like” each other. Sharing value and power in this way, how does the world work and how do you move within this dynamic tension? Play with showing up as if this is true. And the peace of Christ which passes all understanding will guide and keep you.
SUMMER SPARK Lesson is Romans 6:1b -11: Freed from Sin! It’s not hard to become overwhelmed by the way mistakes or poor choices snowball into unintended consequences. Even small lies or omissions or unkind actions can turn into powerful problems that are hard to control. Paul offers hope and confidence that we are not stuck in the effects of our sins. In Christ, we are freed to walk in newness each day! 
VBS Update
VBS is off to a great start! Don’t worry about missing out – just sign up here for free materials to have VBS at home! 
Music Notes
"O day full of grace that we behold now gently to earth descending.
Thou over the earth thy reign unfold, good cheer to all mortals lending.
That children of light in every climb may prove that the night is ending."

O Day Full of Grace is one of my favorite hymns. The melody is so beautifully crafted I think Johannes Brahms would have been proud of it, had he written it. The words speak of hope in God’s time, hope that we can begin to see in our lives, and in the way we live. As a young person I remember thinking these words were flowery, Romantic, and ambiguous, kind of like a Hallmark card. But in my middle age I seem to be more comfortable with theological ambiguity, and I like getting a Hallmark card now and then. Taken together, the words, the melody, and the harmony seem to be of another time, another place. But it is encouraging to know Christians of other times and places also struggled to be faithful, and to find hope.

In dealing with Covid-19 pandemic, economic crisis, and unrest caused by racial inequities, I have often found myself looking for things that give me hope, and wanting to share them. Making music gives me hope – whether I’m singing, playing, or directing others. Listening to this YouTube reminds me that as hopeful as the words and the music are, they are not hope itself. Hope needs people to bring it to life. Just as music is not the little black dots - music is in the hearts and minds of the people who read them – hope is in the hearts and minds of people who sing them.

So as much as I love making music with Tom and Jodi Barnett, and Pastor Laura Laughlin, I really look forward to the day when we can all sing together, ring together, and/or play together, as the book of Acts says, “all in one place.” On that day, hope will become human. In the meantime, take another listen to O Day Full of Grace, put yourself in the middle of the choir, and let your spirit soar!

Tom Paulson
Director of Music & Worship
Crown of Glory Church League Softball
Chaska Parks and Recreation is considering having a church softball league starting in mid-July. There will be adjustments for playing to adhere to Minnesota COVID-19 guidelines. The league is coed and has a minimum of 3 females required to have the normal 10 players in the field. All skill levels are welcome and players should be 14 or older. Games are on Monday evenings. I am gauging interest in fielding a team this season. If you would like to play, please contact Grant Taylor (952-210-7678).
Love INC is Hiring
What's for Dinner?
Try this recipe for Sticky Grilled Chicken!
Crown of Glory Updates
Building Use: 
  • In response to the Governor’s most recent extension of the “Safe at Home” order, Crown of Glory is extending the closure of our church building, and all in-person worship and ministries until July 6 or until further notice. Thank you for your support during these times. 
  • DS West Driving School instructors and students have resumed using the church parking lot for behind the wheel instruction.

Mid-year Financial Report:
  • Reports will be mailed out to individual homes early next week.

Carver County Resources:
  1. COVID-19 Website: www.co.carver.mn.us/covid-19
  2. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@CarverCounty) for daily updates 
  3. Need Help Coping? Call First Street Center at (952) 442-4437
  4. County’s Community Resource Response - Link to resources such as employment, business support, child care, transportation, food access, domestic violence, housing, mental health and more:

  • Pastors will be available by phone in case of an emergency or for any other pastoral care needs. To reach one of our pastors directly please call the church office at 952-448-3230 and select the appropriate extension. The office phone system will forward the call directly to the pastor’s personal cell phone every time you call.
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