General County News
Thursday, January 2nd, 2020
Crozet Master Plan Phase 2 Begins with Character & Land Use Workshop

All are welcome and invited to participate in this important community conversation.  
The Purpose of the Event
During this workshop, we'll work with community members to review and update the 2010 land use recommendations for Crozet's centers of activity (such as Downtown, ACME/Starr Hill, Old Trail and Clover Lawn) and Crozet's boundaries. Together, we'll work to clarify how these areas should look and be used over time.

What Will We Talk About?
We'll look to Crozet community members to respond to these questions:
  • After reflecting on the 2010 Master Plan's recommendations for each center, should anything be added or updated to reflect Crozet today? 
  • How should Crozet's centers of activity relate or transition to the neighborhoods around them? 
  • How should Crozet's centers of activity be used in the future? What should they look like? 
  • What are the appropriate uses and intensities of development along Crozet's Route 250 edge? 
  • Should any adjustments be made to Crozet’s Development Area boundary?

How Will We Use Your Input?
Staff will utilize community feedback to update land use designations and supporting recommendations for areas in and around Crozet’s Centers of activity. Any potential Development Area boundary adjustments will be included for review at the February workshop.

If you are unable to attend this workshop, we will have an online opportunity for you to provide feedback. We will send out an email and a facebook notice when that is available.
What’s Next In Phase 2?
Phase 2 of the Master Plan Update (Focus Areas & Design Strategies) will run through June with a number of opportunities to get involved. The goals for this phase include workshopping focus areas and specific topics, identifying an implementation framework and strategies, and designing the Master Plan’s policies and projects with the community.
Upcoming Community Workshops
  • Thursday, February 6th -- Character & Land Use Workshop #2: Housing & Residential Land Use, from 6:30 – 8:00 pm at Western Albemarle High School Cafeteria
  • Wednesday, April 22nd tentative -- Connectivity Workshop (TBD)
  • May -- Conservation Workshop (TBD)
  • June -- Implementation and Summary Recommendations Workshop (TBD)
Upcoming Focused Conversations
  • Wednesday, January 29th -- Downtown Crozet Focused Conversation #1 (TBD)
  • February -- Housing Focused Conversation (TBD)
  • March -- Architecture & Historic Preservation Focused Conversation (TBD)
  • April -- Downtown Crozet Focused Conversation #2 (TBD)