Crucial Time for Book Culture and our Community Lender Program
A couple of weeks ago in an effort to keep our four book shops open, we began our Community Lender program. It empowers individual members of the community to lend directly to Book Culture ensuring that we keep our stores in New York City open.   

Thank you sincerely to all our customers and supporters. We are steadily receiving new pledges and the proceeds from previous pledges which is extremely uplifting. I can't say enough about how our current managers and staff have shown remarkable resilience and optimism in very difficult circumstances. 

The next few weeks are a hugely important period for us if we want to continue operating for the fall as we have in the past.  This includes what we can provide for the opening of the university semester and the recommencement of our busy events season.

If you are willing to help, please consider acting now.

Please write to or and we can send our standard Community Lender contract out for review. We have amended the basic terms to a 4% rate of interest and a 5-year term.

In regards to one of our previously stated goals it has become clear that no city or state action is likely to occur soon, or at all, to assist Book Culture.

We are counting on borrowing directly from our community. I want to personally reiterate my thanks to everyone that has written checks already. The more we receive the more certain our future becomes. Thank you for giving us hope.


Chris Doeblin and everyone at Book Culture.