Thanks to your generosity, the 2015 year-end campaign was a success! We raised enough money to waive the administration fee normally charged to our sponsorship families. This is a huge blessing to them, as every penny counts!

Thank you! 
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AFC Mission
Adoptive Families Coalition works passionately to resource families with post adoption challenges. Sometimes these challenges are immediately apparent, however most of the time, they surface years after the adoption takes place. Parents are left scrambling for answers and treatment solutions to help their wounded child heal.  

AFC Sponsorships
We offer adoptive families a unique sponsorship program to assist in meeting the high cost of therapeutic treatment.

The program is designed to reach out to the sponsorship family's sphere of influence for donations.  Often times, we get calls from single parents or parents who do not have a village of support to help them through this very difficult journey.  We are working toward being able to help match them with monthly donors. 
AFC Advocacy
We are collaborating with several organizations who are working toward improving laws and insurance coverage for foster and adoptive families. 

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Cruel Beginnings
Family of stick figures on broken brick wall -- divorce or separation concept
5 month old, *Spencer, was taken to the hospital with a broken arm. 
  Xrays  showed multiple previous breaks that had healed. As his older sibling had previously been in child protective services custody and then returned to the parents, they chose to remove the children again. The parents were sent to prison for child abuse and drug charges. After being placed in a temporary emergency foster home, the kids were placed in another foster home where they were neglected. That foster family was moving toward adoption when the father was arrested for sexual misconduct with a young teen. Spencer and his older sibling were moved to a 3rd foster home before finally being placed in what is hopefully, their forever home at the the ages of 3 and 5. 

Fast forward 10 years, 6 therapists, 3 psychiatrists, multiple hospitalizations, and Spencer's adoptive family has reached out to us desperate for help for their wounded son. His early childhood trauma has resulted in a long list of mental health and behavioral challenges. Spencer is also physically abusive to them. The situation is to the point where inpatient treatment is imperative. But like so many families in the same circumstances, treatment costs are beyond their means. 

The above scenario is hard to imagine. However, the trauma endured by this boy and his older sibling is typical of the children we are fighting to save. We are moved by such heart breaking situations. Your donations to Adoptive Families Coalition can help this family, as well as the many others who are living a similar story. 
Offering Hope
We have approved this family for the sponsorship program, which means they are now ready to raise the $7000/month needed to care for their son in a residential treatment program. It is difficult to raise these funds on a monthly basis! If you would like to assist our sponsorship families with a gift to help with their child's treatment for trauma,  contribute here. You are the hero in their story!
*This child's name has been changed to protect his privacy.

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