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The 2022 Catalina 315 has arrived!
The 2022 Catalina 315 has arrived in San Diego and its available now so please call your local office or sales agent to set up a showing today and make it yours before its to late..

The 2022 Bavaria SR41 is arriving this month!
2022 Bavaria SR41 is arriving this month as well and will be available in San Diego to see the first week in August. This will be the first SR41 on the west coast so if you are in the market for a powerboat this is a must see because its a quality innovative yacht at a great price.

Boating in National Marine Sanctuaries

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is committed to protecting coastal regions around the United States and its territories. “Protecting” means environmental conservation as much as economic preservation. That’s because many of our towns and cities rely on the waterways. It’s also why NOAA has an office of National Marine Sanctuaries. This serves as a trustee for a network of underwater parks comprising upwards of 600,000 square miles, from the Great Lakes to the East and West Coasts and even to American Samoa. Boaters are not only allowed to visit them, but also encouraged to do so. Among the 14 national marine sanctuaries, these three are particularly worth checking out.
1. Florida Keys
An incredible 2,900 square nautical miles of coastal and ocean waters are part of this marine sanctuary. One of the biggest highlights is the coral barrier reef, the only one in North America.

Blue Latitudes Foundation Reaches out to Anglers Through Coastal Conservation Association for Oil Rig Survey

Blue Latitudes Foundation is looking to reach out to anglers online and in person to research the feasibility of oil rigs and man-made habitats for marine animals.

Blue Latitudes Foundation is conducting stakeholder surveys through the end of September to gather feedback from recreational anglers about the fishing scene off of Southern California’s oil rigs.
There are 27 offshore oil rigs off Southern California’s coast, and there have been multiple discussions recently about what to do with the platforms, many of which are set to be removed in the next 5 to 10 years.
Thoughts have run towards removing the rigs and restoring the habitat to its original state or utilizing the oil rigs as man-made reefs for California’s natural marine life.

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...and we have dozens more on order coming later in the year! Give us a call for more information.
Arrives September 2022
2022 Catalina 425
The Catalina 425 is an all-new design that assumes the position in the Catalina line held by the legendary Catalina 42. Contact us about special introductory pricing!

Arriving November 2022!
2022 Bali 4.4 Catamaran
The BALI 4.4 is recognizable at first glance thanks to the new design of her hulls with fine bows and her new very elegant lines signed by Xavier Fäy. The BALI 4.4 benefits from all the innovations signed by CatanaGroup which are the DNA of the BALI:

Arrives August 2022
2022 Bavaria C50
A touch of superyacht, even below deck. Everything feels enormous. For example, sit on the big lounge sofa at the saloon table, surrounded by lots of natural light streaming in through the stylish light‐strip.
Arrives August 2022
2022 Bavaria Vida 33
The BAVARIA VIDA 33 is available in two versions, an open version and a version with a hard top. Together with the sporty hull design with recessed hull windows, the result is the BAVARIA VIDA 33’s dynamically elegant silhouette.

Arrives October 2022
2022 Bali 4.6 Catamaran
The BALI 4.6 is recognizable at first glance thanks to the new design.

Arrives August 2022
2022 Bavaria C45
When they designed the BAVARIA C45, they wanted to create a yacht which people would feel completely at home on.
Arrives October 2022
2022 Bavaria C42
A modern, innovative hull shape with chines and a V-shaped bow developed by BAVARIA YACHTS guarantee both the best sailing performance and an unusually large amount of space below deck.
Arrives September 2022
2022 Bavaria C 38
The BAVARIA C38 combines perfect sailing characteristics, easy handling and maximum use of the interior space. Distinctive design features, such as the BAVARIA V-bow and Chines at the stern, guarantee safe and fast sailing characteristics and an incredible amount of space below deck.

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Sailing Hall of Fame Class of 2022 Includes Seattle's Jonathan McKee
The National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF) announced today thirteen sailors comprising its 12th class of inductees, including Seattle’s Jonathan McKee.
“This year’s inductees exemplify innovation, virtuous competition and are exceptional sources of inspiration for the young and old in the sport of sailing,” said Gus Carlson, president of the National Sailing Hall of Fame. “We are proud to honor their accomplishments and welcome them into the Hall of Fame.”
The members of the Class of 2022 join 101 current National Sailing Hall of Famers, all of whom are featured in the Legends of Sailing exhibition at The Sailing Museum, which recently opened in Newport, R.I. An interactive experience will share their photos, career highlights and quotes from the legends themselves. The newest members of the Hall of Fame will be honored in the museum later this year. 2022 marks the twelfth year of annual induction to the National Sailing Hall of Fame. For more on the inductees, please visit: nshof.org/hall-of-fame.

The Catalina Conservancy Celebrates 50 Years
The Catalina Island Conservancy celebrates its golden anniversary with member events and signature activities, including naturalist-led hikes, free Botanic Garden and Native Plant Nursery tours, complimentary Eco Tours, and more.

CATALINA ISLAND— The Catalina Island Conservancy is celebrating 50 years of conservation, education, and recreation this year with a series of events on July 22.

Members are invited to events and signature activities, such as naturalist-led hikes, free Botanic Garden and Native Plant Nursery tours, complimentary Eco Tours, and more. After spending the day exploring the Wildlands, members are invited to get to know the Conservancy’s leadership at the Trailhead Open House with happy hour at Toyon Grill. To become a member and participate in the 50th Anniversary Celebration, visit CatalinaConservancy.org or contact membership@catalinaconservancy.org.

Homeward Bound, Part 2: Singapore to Japan
“Sorry to wake you, but we need all hands on deck right now.”
Somehow these words penetrated my deep sleep and I rolled off the bunk and struggled toward the companionway. I felt great urgency to get on deck, even though I wasn’t fully awake yet, or even quite sure of who or where I was.

“Peter, we have a traffic situation, I need you on deck. A light just came on!” I recognized the voice — Ginger — my partner and the only other person aboard our ketch, Irene. I understood the sense of urgency, as she never calls for help frivolously.

By the time I stumbled into the cockpit, peered to windward and was met with a lukewarm splash of seawater, I was fully oriented to time and place. Time, zero dark thirty … and place? We were in the South China Sea, making our way up the west coast of the Philippine island of Luzon, the winking white lights of fishing canoes surrounding us.

How to Pick Up a Mooring Ball at Catalina Island
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