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Product Spotlight
Our CryoLC® and CryoHC® products are your fast and cost-effective solution to preparing your in-house microbial isolates for use in compendial testing.
* No advance planning. Ready in minutes. Simply thaw, mix and dispense.
* Eliminates the time and resources needed to prepare your organisms.
* Lowest cost and lead time in the industry.
* Straightforward published pricing.  No hidden or non-refundable fees.
* Eliminates your risk of regulatory non-compliance.  
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Consider this:
"Which is more appropriate: inclusion in compendial testing of a firm's own in-house isolates with "wild-type" characteristics that are specific to that firm's site, or inclusion of organisms isolated many decades ago from a North Carolina blueberry ( Aspergillus brasiliensis [ niger] ATCC 16404) or from an outer ear infection ( Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 9027)...?"

"The Role of In-House Microbial Isolates in Contamination Control"

Robert Westney
Director of Quality and Operations
Cryologics, Inc.

Parenteral Drug Association, June 2013

Welcome to our Fall 2017 eNewsletter! In this issue, we highlight the recent PMF Fall Forum, featuring "Non-Sterile Manufacturing Challenges". During the PMF Fall Forum, we were also very excited to host our vendor table and to present our newly qualified product storage temperature.

Enjoy, and thank you!

The Cryologics Team
Announcing the New Storage Temperature for Your CryoLC® and CryoHC® Products!
We are very excited to announce the new storage temperature  for your Cryologics products!  Based upon several months of an exhaustive study, we're pleased to inform you that you can now store your products at a reduced temperature of -20°C.  Your  CryoLC® and CryoHC®  products can now be stored at the broader temperature range of -20°C to -85°C.  This affords you th e flexibility of storing your products, regardless of your specific freezer.

And, as always, our pricing is upfront and fully published on our website, with no haggling over the "it depends" pricing that our competitors offer, who entice you to bargain for the purpose of buying their other products.  And ask them about their product delivery lead time.  Why wait months , when you can have your products delivered for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the delivery lead time?
2017 PMF Fall Forum 

Cryologics' President, Bob Westney returned as moderator of this year's PMF Fall Forum, "Non-Sterile Manufacturing Challenges". The conference was a resounding success!  It was an absolute pleasure to meet our industry colleagues, and to share thoughts and ideas for meeting the challenges of our industry.

Be sure to visit the  Microbiology Network website to stay informed of upcoming PMF events.  And we encourage you to join the PMF List e-mail discussion group, where industry colleagues post questions and answers to everyday issues.  As always, we also encourage you to post suggestions for future PMF events!