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Our Thoughts On...
Cryptocurrency 101
CryptoCurrencies, Blockchain, Hash Generator, BTC, Ethereum…. If you weren’t sure if this was English, you are not alone. While Bitcoin is one of the biggest stories in today’s world, many still don’t understand what it is or how it works. To try and demystify this complex topic that has cemented itself within the daily news cycle, we have broken down some of the most commonly used jargon from this new technology. Read more.
Improving Automatic Enrollment 
Our research shows that the vast majority of plan sponsors recognize that automatic enrollment has been effective in improving plan success and simplifying internal plan administration. Could automatic enrollment’s success be improved upon? Read more.
Qualified Versus Nonqualified Plans 
For most employees, qualified retirement plans are a critical component of their retirement savings strategy. For others, qualified plans place restrictions on their utilization of such plans, so they have to look for other ways to save. That’s why employers often offer both qualified and nonqualified plans . Read more.
Student Loan Repayment Program - A Retirement Plan Twist
A recent IRS decision allowing an employer to offer a student loan repayment (SLR) benefit as an element of its retirement plan could open the door to other employers interested in offering similar benefits. On August 17, 2018, the IRS issued Private Letter Ruling 201833012 (the PLR). The PLR addressed an individual plan sponsor’s desire to amend its retirement plan to include a program for employees who were making student loan repayments. The form of this benefit would be an employer nonelective contribution (an SLR contribution).  Read more.