August 15th, 2018
By Jeff Adair, Editor

Upstate Networks , a computer engineering, design and manufacturing firm, is beta testing hardware that allows vending machines to accept cryptocurrency and enables vending operators to create their own cryptocurrency. The company is looking for vending operators to participate in its beta test.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that allow anyone to send and receive money over the Internet. Transaction fees are lower than other forms of payment, and payments can be made without exposing personal information.

The benefits of installing Upstate Networks’ PLUMWare hardware are twofold. First off, it will allow a vending operator to begin accepting bitcoin and other established cryptocurrencies, which are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Secondly, the hardware gives the operator the ability to create their own cryptocurrency, which could prove a helpful marketing tool.

Worldline , a European based provider in the payments and transactional services industry, has introduced Valina, its first all-in-one Android based payment terminal for PIN secured transactions. The terminal is compliant with European Vending Association (EVA) guidelines and can be installed in vending machines, kiosks, parking meters and other unattended payment applications.

Valina features a processor that ensures fast payment transactions, and has been built to withstand all outdoor weather conditions and is vandalism resistant. The impact- and scratch-resistant glass display reduces reflectivity and improves readability.

The terminal supports point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solutions and delivers optimal processor security through ARM TrustZone. It also supports NFC loyalty, coupons and wallets.

USA Technologies Inc. , a digital payment, logistics, and back office service provider in the self-service retail market, has partnered with ADVAM , a provider of gateway payment solutions to the vending and self-service markets, which has resulted in the development and launch of a fully automated, EMV certified, cashless payment gateway and vending management solution for the Australian unattended retail market.

USAT and ADVAM anticipate expanding USAT’s existing 969,000 connections worldwide, to offer a turn-key, end-to-end cashless payment and vending management solution in Australia. USAT and ADVAM have selected the Ingenico iUC285 card readers to not only equip Australian vending operators with an EMV solution to accept both chip and magstripe, but also enable the use of digital payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and NFC contactless capabilities.

Bodega, a self-serve convenience machine that will allow shoppers to access and pay for products using smartphones, has changed its name to Stockwell and will be introducing a new payment app, company partner Paul McDonald announced on a blog. The machine was introduced at the NAMA show in April.

Bodega generated a lot of media notice last fall when it began testing its machines and was accused of being culturally insensitive because of its name.

The original name, McDonald said, was intended as a homage to the local corner store and the people who run it. After reviewing feedback, the company decided the name “Stockwell” better expresses its mission and its unique offering – a store open 24 hours offering everyday essentials.

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