October 2019

The Center is excited to announce that two individuals have recently joined the Csomay Center Leadership Team. This fall, Ryleigh Maas was appointed the Center Administrator, and Larry Newman joined the Center team of University of Iowa interprofessional leaders. Eiko Oka, Center Coordinator for the past 2 years, accepted a full-time position with Student Services in the College of Nursing in August. And in early October, the Center celebrated its relationship with the Iowa Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program through a Kick-Off event with activity leaders. See more below!! 

Ryleigh Maas, BS
We are delighted to announce that Ryleigh Maas has been hired as the new, fulltime administrator who will assist, support and oversee all Center activities. Ryleigh has been an integral member of the team for over seven years, starting as a student employee for the Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, and continuing through our transition to being Csomay Center for Gerontological Excellence. Ryleigh far exceeded expectations as a student employee, as she made many contributions to the development, implementation, and oversight of Center activities. Landmark contributions include her innovative development and management of evidence-based practice, our website, newsletters, electronic book, and implementation of statewide TimeSlips activities among other activities. She is currently facilitating the Center’s strategic planning and development work in collaborator with Center Leaders and our growing group of community partners.  
Larry Newman, DNP, RN, AGPCNP-BC
We are also very excited and pleased that Dr. Newman has joined the Csomay Center Leadership Team. Dr. Newman has a background in providing primary care to residents living in rural long term care facilities. His current practice is a weekly chronic care clinic held at the Iowa City Free Medical and Dental Clinic. Dr. Newman states: "I am excited to bring with me to the Center Leadership Team my focus on diverse patient populations and rural healthcare. I'm looking forward to working with an inter-professional team of providers and researchers." As program director of the University of Iowa's College of Nursing's Adult/gero primary care program Dr. Newman facilitates the development of knowledge, skills, and expertise in our next generation of adult/gerontological nurse practitioners. Dr. Newman’s additional areas of interest, LGBTQ healthcare, rural long term care, and health disparities and inequalities, provide an important additional base of expertise for informing Center work. 
This summer the Health Services and Resources Administration (HRSA) approved an additional 5 years of funding for the Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) that supports the Iowa Geriatric Education Center (IGEC) and related activities. In the renewal application, leaders Marianne Smith (GWEP Principal Investigator and Csomay Center Director) and Linda Seydel, (GWEP Program Director and Csomay Center Leader) sought to blend leadership roles and activities to advance geriatric training and care practices – locally, statewide, and regionally. The blended leadership model integrates Iowa GWEP and Csomay Center Leaders to advance the missions of both programs. On October 4th, the Center sponsored a Kick-Off Event to celebrate new funding and begin cross-talk and information sharing among diverse activity leaders – from falls prevention to advancing Dementia Friendly Communities and promoting Age Friendly Health Systems in the emergency department. The Iowa GWEP supports 5 objectives and over 20 activities that are conducted in cooperation with community partners throughout Iowa, including Des Moines, Cedar Falls/Waterloo, and Quad Cities, and also Kansas. Special thanks to all who traveled to the North Ridge Pavilion in Coralville for the first networking meeting and lunch! 
This fall Eiko Oka transitioned from being half-time Csomay Center Coordinator to a full-time role in the College of Nursing’s Student Services department. During Eiko’s two years as Center Coordinator, she made many contributions to both planning and daily operations. Eiko also simultaneously served as the Project Coordinator for GeriatricPain.org under Dr. Keela Herr’s leadership. We extend our deep thanks to Eiko for her help and wish her the very best in her new role. 
Center Director Marianne Smith was both pleased and a little surprised to receive notice of funding for an R15 project titled Vocal Pattern Detection of Late Life Depression . The funding application was submitted in February of 2018, but not funded until this year, with a start date of September 1 st 2019. Although the announcement was nearly a year later than expected, Smith and her Co-Investigators are excited to launch the new study. As the PI, Smith relies heavily on Co-Investigators Bryce Dietrich (Liberal Arts) and Erwei Bai (Engineering) who have the information technology and engineering expertise to conduct vocal analysis. The study builds on pilot work conducted by Drs. Smith, Dietrich and Bai that demonstrated older peoples vocal qualities could predict their level of depression using “machine learning” analytics. Jill Colbert, the R15 Study Coordinator, will assist leaders to recruit 250 older people to participant in the study over the next two years. The larger data base is hope to advance eventual development of passive monitoring devices that will help detect late life depression so it can be treated before it becomes severe and disabling. For more information, contact Coordinator Colbert at jill-colbert@uiowa.edu .  
The Center was pleased to provide financial support to help Laura Budde, an adult/geriatric DNP, attend a conference in Wisconsin. In return, Laura agreed to write the following short summary about herself, her interests, and the conference.

“Hello! My name is Laura Budde and I am a fourth-year student in the adult geriatric primary care DNP program. I graduated from the University of Iowa with my BSN in 2011 and feel fortunate to be completing my graduate degree here. I have worked as an ICU nurse at Mercy Iowa City for the last eight years where the primary patient population is older adults. My hometown is Lisbon, IA, which is a small town nearby. 

I serve as the Vice President of AGNS and my academic interests include delirium and palliative care. My future professional goals include serving the aging population using evidence-based practice and focusing on patients’ quality of life and understanding what is most important to them. I envision myself providing care in a clinic, long-term care, or palliative care setting.

This was my first time attending the Wisconsin Update in Geriatric Medicine & Board Review Course. The conference took place in beautiful Fontana on Lake Geneva, WI. It was interdisciplinary with a good mix of specialties. A broad range of topics were covered including models of care, aging physiology, dementia, mental health, geriatric syndromes, and organ systems. I learned about future blood-based biomarkers for diagnosing dementia and pilot programs in Wisconsin for transitional care models. I discovered new resources like geriatricfastfacts.com which was developed by the Wisconsin Geriatric Education Center. Most of the lecturers were physicians, but several emphasized the importance of nursing and nurse practitioner-led models of care. As one speaker put it, “You can’t give good care to older adults without a team.” This was an excellent review for my boards which I will be taking soon. I plan to use my notes and knowledge gained from this conference as I make the transition from student to nurse practitioner in the near future. I am so grateful to the Csomay Center for this opportunity. Thank you!” 
The Hawkeye Distinguished Veterans Award honors distinguished members of the armed forces who have demonstrated exceptional service to both the United States and their communities. Five veterans are selected annually for the award. Recipients of the Hawkeye Distinguished Veterans Award have demonstrated these upstanding qualities: a strong University of Iowa connection; honorable service to our country; military accomplishment or contributions; and service to the community. We are delighted that two College of Nursing leaders received the award this year:

Dr. Kathleen “Kitty” Buckwalter , U.S. Navy Nurse Corps, who has a long and distinguished career as a geriatric-psychiatric nurse expert, and is the former Director of the Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence (now Csomay Center) at Iowa; and

Dr. Julie A. Stanik-Hutt , U.S. Navy Nurse Corps, who joined the CON in 2 016 and is the Director of the adult/geriatric acute care DNP program.

Hearty congratulations to these remarkable geriatric nurse leaders for their service to our county and our community!
Dr. Kathleen “Kitty” Buckwalter
Dr. Julie A. Stanik-Hutt
Leadership Team:
Marianne Smith , PhD, RN, FAAN, Director - Marianne-Smith@uiowa.edu
Keela Herr , PhD, RN, FAAN, AGSF, Co-Director - Keela-Herr@uiowa.edu
Nicola Jane Stickney , DNP, ARNP, NP-C, College of Nursing Faculty Practice -
Linda Seydel , MA, LNHA, Iowa Geriatric Education Center - Linda-Seydel@uiowa.edu
Mercedes Bern-Klug , PhD, MSW, MA, Professor; Director, Aging & Longevity Studies
 Program; Hartford Faculty Scholar - Mercedes-Bern-Klug@uiowa.edu
Ryan Carnahan , PharmD, MS, BCPP, Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies,
 College of Public Health - Ryan-Carnahan@uiowa.edu
Larry Newman, DNP, RN, AGPCNP-BC – Director of the Primary Care AGNP Program,   College of Nursing - Larry-Newman@uiowa.edu
Ryleigh Maas , BS, Center Administrator - Ryleigh-Maas@uiowa.edu
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