Christ the King Lutheran Church
CtK Worship on the Website
"...[For] God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline."
2 Timothy 1:7

Dear Christ the King Community,

The world has been changing at an increasing rate of speed for many years. However, that rate has greatly accelerated recently; every day seems to inaugurate a new normal. In the midst of this dizzying pace, I encourage you to access worship on the web at your leisure on Sunday. (WOW…it’s W orship O n the W eb!) It’s different than it was a week ago (notice your confused pastors in the beginning), and yet many of its elements have been spoken by God’s people for millennia. May this worship experience ground you, amid all the newness, in the days and weeks ahead.

In preparation for worship:
1.    Choose a time to gather with all those in your home. It could be before or after Kids Zoom at 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning, at high noon, or midnight. The choice is yours!
2.    Get bread and wine or juice ready to set your holy table at home. Yes, even Holy Communion is virtual this week!
3.    Find the worship folder on the web.
4.    Follow Lisa’s instructions below to join Hillary, Pastor Brad, the Trundle tech crew, and me for WOW…Worship on the Web.

Peace be with your Spirit,
Pastor Caroline

Watching the video instructions:
Watching our worship service online is easily accessible through our website. Please visit  on Sunday. On this page, you will find a brief greeting, a large box that contains the video, and link boxes underneath the video that contain the worship folder and an online donation option. Below is a picture of what the screen will look like on the website.
  • To watch the video, simply click on the arrow in the middle of the box. Please make sure the volume is turned up on the device you are using to watch.
  • To see the worship materials, simply click on the box below the video that says “Click here for Worship Materials” and you will be able to view the files and print them out.
  • To donate to the church, please click on the box below the video that says, “Click here to make an online donation for your weekly Church contribution.”