July 2021 Issue 1
Cub stays clean, well kept, thanks to ProAct job placement
Nolan Sherman arrives early at a Cub Foods in Lakeville and makes his rounds to check and empty what seems like two dozen garbage containers. The floors in customer areas are spotless and shine like wax.

To find and maintain this new job, Sherman worked with ProAct employment specialist Brandon Blevins. “We would meet weekly and look through jobs, mainly on Indeed,” said Blevins. “That’s where we found this one. We applied and got an interview and they offered Nolan a job.” -more-
Decades of tribute
Sally Ogren, Director of ProAct in Red Wing, moved to the next chapter of her life on July 1. She was with Interstate Rehabilitation Center (IRC) before its merger with Owobopte in Eagan to form the larger ProAct organization in the early 2000s. Her time with ProAct spans 47 years and we are thankful for her dedication and commitment to those we serve. -more-
Committee marks Juneteenth
ProAct's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee marked the Juneteenth holiday to celebrate freedom and racial equality.
Snow leopard sponsorship it is
It was a “crazy awesome” idea from ProAct Shakopee DSP Liza Svihel, and the focus was a zoo‑ Como Zoo to be exact. Why not sponsor an animal? Which one would ProAct participants choose? -more-
Red Wing update
A second ProAct work crew was added recently at Bic Graphic in Red Wing to do debagging work, packaging and assembly jobs, explains Designated Coordinator Joyann Johnson. The company meets with ProAct staff each month to talk about the its increasing business and needs, and how ProAct can help. -more-
Hudson staff: positive, fun, interactive

"We love being here, it’s super fun . . . very positive energy between staff, clients, the nurses that are here."
Rachelle Dettman, DSP, Instructor

"What really drew me to ProAct was the client and staff interaction and that really makes it worthwhile just coming in and seeing everyone is happy to be here. This is their place, this is where they want to be."
-Kelly Flatley, DSP
Watch for on camera staff interviews in our next issue!
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