July 28, 2015

Tomás Fernández Robaina of the University of Havana, the National Library, and the anti-racism group ARAAC is touring the US September-December 2015.

Inquiries welcome.

A researcher at the Biblioteca Nacional in Havana and a professor at the University of Havana, Fernandez Robaina is a prolific author on AfroCuban issues. He started writing in 1968 and in 1994 wrote El negro en Cuba 1902-1958: Apuntes para la historia de la lucha contra la discriminacion racial (The Blacks in Cuba 1902-1958: Notes on the history of the struggle against racial discimination). He is also Asesor of the Fundacion Ortiz and a member of UNEAC and of the Cuban National Comittee on Slave Routes as well as of a number of other bodies, as described in his Curriculum Vitae.

A tireless anti-racism activist, he is a member of the executive board of the Articulación Regional Afrodescendiente de América Latina y el Caribe, Capítulo Cubano (ARAAC), Cuba's main alternative anti-racist organization. He is also a member of the Cofradía de la Negritud and the Comisión Aponte, the latter a government body, both devoted to anti-racist activities. He recently published an excellent summary of anti-racism in Cuba in el Diario de Cuba, as part of his engaging dissidents for whom this is a major publication. See http://www.diariodecuba.com/cuba/1429203897_14037.html

His life and his work were recently honored at an event organized July 15th by the Cuban Book Institute headed by Zuleica Romay. Details are at http://www.bpvillena.ohc.cu/2015/07/14683/ including a photo gallery.

The Arlington Web Group, a U.S. entity which functions as a speaker bureau, is organizing his tour. For additional information regarding proposed topics for his presentations, visit: http://www.afrocubaweb.com/tomasfr.htm. You can also contact us at awg@afrocubaweb.com


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