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Cubby Palooza!
Our party of the year is just around the corner! Join us for food, face painting, and a roaring good time as we celebrate the announcement of some new sanctuary residents! The cats will also get to join in on the fun during our big cat pumpkin smash enrichment! Cubby Palooza will take place at National Tiger Sanctuary on Saturday, October 22, 2016 from 12 pm to 8 pm. Tickets are $10/adult and $5/child (3-12) in advance and an additional $2 at the door. RSVP and get your tickets here!
Boy, that sun feels nice!
Our ring-tailed lemurs Lenny and Zoe have gotten their first moments in the fresh air and direct sunlight! We recently completed an expansion on our lemur habitat that includes an outdoor playground. The space features climbing perches as high as 18 feet to simulate the trees in their natural habitat. Lenny and Zoe are thrilled with their new space and can be seen climbing to their highest peak from our backyard viewing area. (Sadly, both lemurs were rescued from the pet trade and neither had access to the outdoors in their previous homes.)
We rescued this darling lady after she was reported wandering in and out of traffic on a nearby four lane highway. Sadly, she did not have a microchip, and no owners could be located after an extensive search effort. We have since made arrangements for her to be adopted by a loving family with another Great Pyrenees dog. 
Cat of the Month - Nikki
Nikki is our Cat of the Month for October - and rightly so as she will be celebrating her 20th birthday on October 27th! Nikki was donated to NTS by the AZA accredited Lowry Park Zoo in 2011. She is a very loving and friendly tiger, and we are looking forward to many more years together! You can contribute to Nikki's care by adopting her online or over the phone. As a thank you, we will send you a t-shirt, photo, window decal, and certificate of adoption.