Looking for the best high school basketball in the country? You'll see it here in a little over a month. With so many top ranked teams, this year is sure to be a thriller! USA Today has seven COP teams in their top 25 preseason rankings, while the high school sports enthusiasts at MaxPreps has nine top ranked teams. Anyway you slice it this year's pool of teams is set to take to the court and put on a show. To take in all the action make sure to get your six-day passes today!

USA Today has again listed the Culligan City of Palms Classic as one of the top 15 must attend HS hoops tournaments! Read the full story below.

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James Wiseman

Vernon Carey Jr. 

The top two juniors in the country will descend on SWFL and are set to put on a show. These versatile big men look to be NBA bound. Wiseman appears to be a prototype new age center. Running the court and flashing signs of an improved jumper, Wiseman is must-see basketball. Similarly, Carey Jr. can dominate the paint. What he lacks in agility and speed he makes up for in strength. With a strong post game and soft touch Carey Jr. is set to make an instant impact at the next level. Check out some of their highlights above and make sure to come out to the tournament to see their talents first hand. 
Did you know every year at the COP there is a slam dunk contest? Enjoy all the rim rattling, backboard-shaking jams the COP has to offer on Wednesday, December 20th.
Wisdom from the Whistle
Last month, we dove into the inner workings of the scheduling process for the various officials who will be keeping the peace at this year's COP. This month we wanted to educate our readers on some technology we are utilizing to make the tournament run smoother. Starting last year, head of officiating Kevin Hetherington reintroduced a wireless clock management system. This popular piece of officiating technology helps referees maintain control of the clock to insure accurate game times are maintained each and every game. 

Q.  How does the wireless clock management system work?
A.  In short, the wireless clock management system functions on wireless radio signals. Each official wears a wireless radio belt that features a start button and microphone. The microphone registers each time a whistle is blown. Conversely there is a radio receiver attached to the scoreboard to complete the circuit. 

Q. Is this technology used at all levels of basketball?
A.  Originally introduced in the NBA the Precision Time Management system has progressed to the NCAA level and is now becoming regularly seen on the high school level. Everyone likes a level playing field and this system helps eliminate human errors. 

Check out next month's newsletter as we unveil a few officials and explore some of the key matchups. 
NEW sponsorship opportunity - LED ribbon board 
This year we are introducing a new sponsorship level - Swish. The Swish level sponsorship gives businesses the ability to leverage the thousands of eyes in the arena each and every day of the tournament through access to our LED ribbon board. This versatile advertising medium allows businesses to tap into the value of the COP while staying budget conscious. Inquire about space availability by contacting John Naylor directly at johnnaylor@cityofpalmsclassic.com .

This year's tournament is just over a month away! 
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45th Annual Culligan City of Palms Classic
FSW - Suncoast Credit Union Arena 

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