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California Farm Academy
Caring for our Watersheds
Environmental proposal writing
and action

* 400+ proposals submitted
* $27,000 in prize money for top 10 proposals
* Up to 10 implemented projects

Growing Green Internship
Job skills training, career exploration and college mentoring

* 20+ students annually
* Citizen Science monitoring
* Farm workdays
* College coursework
* Community outreach and education

Cultivating Opportunity for Youth: Cesar's Story

After completing FARMS Leadership Program my junior year in high school, I was given the opportunity to participate in the FARMS Advanced Program my senior year and currently participate in the Central Valley Youth Employment Program (CVYEP). You could say I have really taken advantage of the programs that cared about seeing me succeed.

By completing all three of these programs, I feel more prepared than ever to go to college, finish my education and build a career in Fire Science. I learned a lot about careers in Agriculture through the FARMS Leadership Programs, but mostly I learned about how to prepare for and find a career.

Most of the time, we hold ourselves back because we are afraid to fail or scared to mess up speaking in front of people. Even though I still get a little nervous, I am more confident than ever to speak in public, shake a strangers hand and introduce myself. FARMS Leadership gave me this confidence by allowing me to practice these skills in 'real-life' situations, proving that the only thing to fear is fear itself.

SLEWS Celebrates 15 Years

15 years ago, the SLEWS Program was launched. Four habitat restoration project sites, all on private farms and ranches in Yolo County, were host to local high school students who got their hands dirty, got real work done, and learned about themselves in the process. This was the beginning of something great. Now those hedgerows that were planted so long ago are mature and thriving, similar to many of the SLEWS Program alumni. Take Juliana (San Joaquin Valley, 2007) for example:

"I can honestly say that without my involvement in SLEWS, I would not know what I wanted to do in my life right now and would not have opened my mind and heart to so many things that have to do with our environment."

Ryan's (Sacramento Valley, 2006) story is similar, "the SLEWS Program helped me not only decide what I would like to study in college, but what I would like to do in life." Ryan now works in politics in Washington D.C. These quotes exemplify the experience of the SLEWS Program. Your support helps young people like Ryan and Juliana develop into active citizens who care about agriculture and the environment and are eager to give back to their community.

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