Cultivating Resilience and
Strong Immunity:
Resources to Support You,
Your Patients, and Communities

(No. 3 in a Series)

R ecent studies/literature reviews on how Chinese herbs are being used to
treat CoVid-19.

Thursday, April 3oth, 4pm ET

Don't miss this free webinar, co-sponsored by Lhasa OMS and the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Resgistration required! You can also view Parts 1 and 2 of Dr. Chen's presentations on treating flu/TCM herbs for CoVid on the Lhasa OMS blog page.


Wednesday, April 29th, 1:30pm ET

Hosted by Qiological Podcasts , acupuncturists Alaine Duncan, Amy Mager, Daniel Schulman, and Micheal Max will discuss the energetics of social connection during the time of CoVid and beyond. Qiological Podcasts provides wonderful weekly conversations on topics such as Chinese herbs for CoVid-19, curiosity in the time of Corona, how to listen well using telemedicine, and much more!
Palpitations and Arrhythmia During Stressful Times – Channel Theory and Acupuncture Application  is a video lecture presented by Dr. Amos Ziv. This is one of several recent lectures in a series called "Together, Alone," sponsored by the International Community of Chinese Medicine in Israel. Podcast videos are free:
Short, clear video (with written documentation citations) by Susie Hayes, LAc, demonstrating scalp acupuncture for severe respiratory distress. This video was designed to be used in frontline medical settings by health workers trained in acupuncture.


AWB made this video for frontline health and essential workers so that they could apply ear seeds to themselves for stress, pain, and trauma reduction. Please use it for your own patients and communities!

We are providing ear seed kits free-of-charge to front line workers.
To order, contact: .

If you would like to order kits for your private practice, they can be ordered for $15. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Thanks to Lhasa OMS for ear seed donations!

Free herbal consultations are being offered by AWB C.A.R.E.S. (Coalition of Acupuncturists Reaching Out to Essential Workers). Most herb formulas are donated or discounted. If you know health workers, first responders, or essential workers in the LA area that could use this service, here's the link:

Thank you to the Mayway Corporation for herb donations!


This video is by Verena Smith, LAc, from Massachusetts, who also happens to be President of the AWB Board of Directors. We love EFT for use in any situation-such a valuable self-regulation technique for patients and practitioners.

We also love HeartMath. This new program, called The HeartMath Experience, was released in November 2019, before the coronavirus outbreak. It's especially useful NOW for maintaining emotional balance, mental clarity, and sustaining resilience. Free for a limited time. Thank you HeartMath!
There will soon be a time when we can safely return to direct service acupuncture and patient care. Our patients and communities will need healing and support more than ever. AWB will help you be ready.

Your course registration and/or donation will
help AWB stay alive  now so that we can serve in the  future !