Cultivating Resilience and
Strong Immunity:
Resources to Support You,
Your Patients, and Communities

(No. 2 in a Series)

Please donate to AWB's Caring for the Caregiver Program which offers stress-reduction and resilience
support to front-line health workers and first responders.

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 The American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA) and NCCAOM are teaming up every week to present informative town hall gatherings for our profession. Topics include telemedicine, herbal medicine availability during Covid-19, financial support tools for practitioners. and more. Here's the recording of the April 7th town hall. Next meeting is April 14th at 5pm PT. The ASA website provides meeting details: .
Helpful guidelines on herbal medicine consultation practices by the American Society of Acupuncturists, with a focus on patient safety and provider ethics.

Mayway Corporation, a wonderful family-owned herb company in Oakland, CA, is presenting a great webinar lecture series on the use of herbs during Covid. The upcoming lecture is by Michael McCulloch, LAc, MPH, PhD, Epidemiologist from the Pine Street Foundation, on April 15th from 10am-12pm PSTime. CEUs are available for the live broadcast, which will also be recorded.

We encourage you to order herbs from Mayway, an AWB corporate partner that generously supports our trauma-healing programs and provides product discounts to AWB members. Mayway has just donated significant amaounts of herbs to our Caring for Caregivers Program, and is the sponsor of AWB's Military Stress Recovery Project.

You'll find Mayway online at:

This course prepares acupuncturists to offer community-style acupuncture to people impacted by natural disasters and human conflict. The focus is on how to provide trauma prevention and recovery care to impacted communities in times of crisis.

Now is the time to take PDA classes and get ready for the time when we can be out treating people in our communities again. Be prepared!


Wonderful article by Tao of Trauma author Alaine Duncan, LAc, linking our place in nature, the Five Elements, and the energetics of our reactions to the Covid disaster.

Michael Kay, a doctoral student from the Pacific College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, made this short video to teach patients how to moxa themselves for immunity enhancement.

(Please note: This video is for the purpose of education, not meant to substitute for medical advisement. Consult with a physician for any medical condition.)

Make sure your patients are careful about falling ashes!
AWB trainer Kim Stephens, LAc, prepared this how-to on the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a simple self-tapping system that patients can use for self-regulation and stress reduction.

1.Begin by placing your hands over your heart. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

2.Tap each area below 10 times using two fingers from each hand.
3.Tap bilaterally, on both sides of your body:
• Top of Head
• Above each eyebrow
• Temples
• Under each eye
• Under your nose/above your lip
• Chin/below your lip
• Under your collarbone
• Inside of each wrist

3. Repeat this process until you feel a slight release of stress. It may take one round, or as many as needed.

4. Finish by placing both hands over your heart center and take three deep breaths.

Click on the title of this segment to see a video for more instruction.
Andrea Natta, LAc leads great guided meditations for grounding, relaxation, and strengthening the immune system. She made this video for patients that she sees in a public health clinic in San Francisco. It helps bring the person's energy INTO the body, for immune enhancement and resilience.
There will soon be a time when we can safely return to direct service acupuncture and patient care. Our patients and communities will need healing and support more than ever. AWB will help you be ready.

Your course registration and/or donation will
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