Cultivating Resilience and
Strong Immunity:
Resources to Support You,
Your Patients, and Communities

(No. 1 in a Weekly Series)

 In case you didn't get to participate in the live version of the COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall, sponsored by the California State Oriental Medicine Association, you can listen to the recording. It was a great gathering for our profession, with lots of good information on how to interact safely with patients during the infectious stage of the COVID pandemic; telemedicine platforms; billing information; employment issues; and more. Thank you CSOMA!
Excellent webinar presented by Dr. John Chen and colleagues on current TCM treatment in China, with a focus on herbal formulas for differential diagnosis patterns.

Helpful one-hour webinar for health care workers and first responders on the front-lines of patient care delivery. Sponsored by the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, it highlights practical self-care and coping strategies to deal with stress, fear, and anxiety while providing patient care in high-exposure settings.

Check out the ASA resource page for practice and safety recommendations for licensed acupuncturists during the infectious stage of COVID.
Excellent collection of easy-to-access online meditations/guided imagery/grounding exercises for your patients. Helpful for anxiety and insomnia related to COVID fear, and good tools for kids.
AWB volunteer acupuncturist Gregg St. Clair from Albany, NY made this easy five-minute video on Qigong for the immune system. Your patients can do it sitting or standing.
You can also share a longer video on immune enhancement, created by Dr. Nan Lu, developed with the help of his master, Professor Xi-Hua Xu:
Good up-to-date video on how to safely shop for groceries and obtain take out food by family physician Jeffrey Van Wingen.
Really great resource from the Crisis Management Institute - for parents, teachers, counselors, clergy, health practitioners, and anyone else who works with kids. Outlines a six-week activity guide that supports kids and parents dealing with anxiety, ways to feel empowered, how to cope with being at home all the time, and more...
There will soon be a time when we can safely return to direct service acupuncture and patient care. Our patients and communities will need healing and support more than ever. AWB will help you be ready.

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