October 29, 2014
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Cultivating a Heart for Missions

by David Nakhla


And he said to them, "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest."
Luke 10:2 (ESV)

One of the blessings of the household of God, of the family of believers, is the multi-generational relationships that can develop. I recently discussed with an OPC pastor the unique organism that the church is in this regard. There are not many places in modern-day life where close-knit relationships can develop across generations. Such relationships can be powerful in shaping us.

At Calvary OPC in La Mirada, CA, my siblings and I grew up with a surrogate grandmother in our congregation. Mrs. Olinger treated us like her grandchildren. Grandparents have a special influence on their grandchildren. The greatest impact that Mrs. Olinger had on me was that she instilled in me a heart for missions. She was very faithful in keeping missions before our congregation. She personally wrote letters to all the OPC missionaries (before the convenience of email and Skype!), and taught us about our missionaries both through the material provided by the home office and through her own personal interactions with them.

The impact that Mrs. Olinger had on me as a youngster may have been the biggest influence in guiding me toward serving the church in my current capacity as Short-Term Missions Coordinator. Mrs. Olinger, now in her 90's, continues to promote missions in her church - and to me!  This past week, she mailed me an article by a missionary who had recently visited her church.  I had seen this article previously, but was greatly encouraged by re-reading it.  It is entitled, Send Me Your Short-Term Missionaries, and is very helpful in sharing how to "reduce if not eliminate" the problems of STMs, so that we can continue to reap the many wonderful benefits that STMs produce.  Thank you, Mrs. Olinger, not only for this article, but for your faithfulness in keeping missions before the church!

May the Lord bless you in whatever role you might play in cultivating a heart for missions within your congregation and your family, and may He raise up many "Mrs. Olingers" in His church to promote the important work of missions!

Click here to read the article, Send Me Your Short-Term Missionaries. It is also reprinted under "Background Reading" at www.opcstm.org.


Haiti Renovation Project in February

A team is being organized to travel to Haiti in February 2015 to perform further renovations to the home of OP missionary Rev. Ben Hopp and his family in Kaliko.  Skilled volunteers are invited to review the project outline linked below, and contact Project Manager Broc Seaman directly if interested in serving.


Needed are volunteers experienced in:

  • Tile 
  • Plumbing 
  • Electrical
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Cabinet construction and installation

Click here for all the details, including a project plan and budget.




Mr. Broc Seaman
Stated Supply, Concho Valley OPC, Concho, Arizona
Kitchen Renovation Project Manager
Phone: (909) 746-6131
Email: brocseaman@mac.com


This opportunity is posted at www.opcstm.org under "Global STMs - Current Opportunities."


Help Refurbish OP Church Building in Utah

 by David Nakhla

Christ Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Magna, Utah
Here's an opportunity to participate in furthering the OPC's witness in the heart of Mormon country.

In September, I visited Pastor Jason Wallace and his congregation at Christ Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Magna, Utah, outside Salt Lake City. Jason has been striving to establish a congregation there for 16 years. They have had their share of fits and starts. It's a very difficult place to minister. As Jason works with folks to grow them in the Lord, they frequently reach a point where they realize that Utah is no place to raise a Christian family, and they decide to move! So, Jason finds that he is continually growing families and moving them out.
Jason has established quite a presence in witnessing to the Mormon community. He has a weekly, hour long, call-in talk show on a Christian TV station that has a potential audience of 2 million viewers.  (This only costs him $250/month!)  Quite a few people have visited the church as a result of this outreach, and Jason has challenged many Mormons in their beliefs. He has a winsome and respectful demeanor, and has come to understand Mormonism better than most Mormons.  As such, Jason has become quite an apologist in this arena.
Skilled Volunteers Needed

About 8 years ago, the Lord gave the congregation the opportunity to buy a building in Magna, about 15 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City.  It was originally built as a Mormon church, then was Protestant for many years, but was neglected and eventually abandoned. They bought the 11,000 square foot building at an extremely good price, but it was in disrepair. Over the years, they have accomplished a number of projects, using discounted construction materials collected locally.  But - the congregation needs help completing the work! 

Volunteers with the following skills are invited to contact Jason to discuss the project and the possibility of traveling to Utah to help out! 
  • Carpentry
  • Drywall installation
  • Painting
  • Light electrical work
A visit of any length would be welcome, and housing will be provided.  Up to 6 people could be accommodated at one time.


Rev. D. Jason Wallace
Phone: 801-969-7948


This opportunity is posted at www.opcstm.org under "National STMs - Current Opportunities."


Teachers Needed in Uganda


Do you like to teach, and desire to serve on a foreign mission field?


The Karamoja Station of the OP Uganda Mission is looking for a teacher or teachers - women, men, or even a couple! - to help out with the mission's Karamoja Education Outreach (KEO) project.

The following information was provided by Martha Wagar Wright of the OP Uganda Mission:

The Work:
  • Teaching:
    • young children in the KEO nursery school (and possibly in the village nursery school)
    • primary-school age children in local public schools
    • young out-of-school housegirls and shepherd boys
  • Possibly helping with local literacy outreaches
The Ideal Candidate:
  • Cooperative
  • Creative
  • Agreeable
  • Interested in making the best out of not-always-perfect situations
  • Not fussy or dogmatic
  • Willing to take initiative and follow through on plans
  • Willing to patiently and compassionately train local teachers who have little education themselves
  • Bonus qualifications:
    • Experience and/or training in education
    • Anyone who is good at sports - especially soccer!
    • The local children have really appreciated the young men who have come to work with us!

  • Most of the teaching is done in English with the help of Karimojong translators, so even new teachers or visitors can jump right in!
  • Anyone willing to try to learn to communicate using the local language (with the help of the missionaries and teachers) would be a bonus!
Time Frame:

A teacher would initially serve for 1 to 3 months, and then, if all goes well, could apply to be a Missionary Associate for a period of 1 to 2 years or longer.


KEO teachers, like other short-term missionaries, have to raise their own support.  Costs vary considerably from person to person depending on how long one stays.

About Uganda and KEO:

Those interested in serving are encouraged to contact Martha Wright directly at marthakaramoja@gmail.com to ask for an application and all the details!

This opportunity is posted at www.opcstm.org under "Global STMs - Current Opportunities."


English Speakers Needed
to Help Train South Korean Missionaries



Here is an opportunity for short-term service in a foreign land - utilizing your "natural talents" as an English speaker!

The Missionary Training Institute (MTI) in South Korea, founded by OPC Missionaries Dr. Young J. Son and his wife Mary Lou in 1983 to train Koreans for missionary service, is seeking teachers for its ESL (English as a Second Language) program.


From the MTI website:


"MTI is a place where Korean missionary trainees live and study together in a residential community setting. The language spoken here is English. Native English speakers from Australia, Canada, the USA, and the U.K. assist the students in the further development of their English language skills. We seek to make MTI an international community where the students can become comfortable with foreigners and in their use of English.

"In all aspects of the training, teaching and community life, the Holy Scripture is our authority. MTI is committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission being evangelical and conservative in line with the Reformed faith."


Job Description:

  • Qualifications:  Evangelical Christians with some ESL experience (if possible); love for the Lord and people.
  • Subjects taught:  Speaking, listening, writing and reading during the day. Chapels and Bible study will be done by students; teachers help them as facilitators.
  • Teaching materials:  Books and resources are provided. Curriculum provided by MTI. Daily lesson plans generated by teacher.
  • Hours of teaching:  4-5 hours a day plus checking and editing students' work in the evening.
  • Numbers of students:  about 6-7 students per class.
  • Aim:  To teach missionaries or missionary candidates:
    • practical words and expressions they can use for daily conversation
    • how to describe in English what they see in everyday life
    • listening and writing skills.
Flag of South Korea

Further Information:

Visit MTI's website  to learn more about the institute and its openings for ESL teachers.






This opportunity is posted at www.opcstm.org under "Global STMs - Current Opportunities."


Summer 2014 STMs

Visit "News" at www.opcstm.org to review all of the 
Testimonials, Photo Galleries, and Reports
from summer 2014 Short-Term Missions!


              Haiti                            Quebec                  Boardwalk Chapel                Ukraine         


  ... and more!


Can Your Church Use a Team?


A team from Green Bay, WI, traveled to Naples, FL, to help with community outreach projects in 2014!

Is there a ministry or outreach program that your church could undertake if it had the help of volunteers from other OP churches or presbyteries?


Is there a work project at your church that keeps getting put off due to lack of available volunteers?


Need help with Vacation Bible School?

Need help with community outreach?
Need help with a church refurbishment project?

In making such a need known, a church actually provides an opportunity for those who seek to share their time, gifts, and skills!

Start planning now for the summer of 2015!

We can help you get the word out and look for a team!

Contact us at OPCShortTermMissions@opc.org or click here to complete a form to request a team to help your church!



Skilled Workers Still Needed!



Skilled workers will be needed when construction resumes on the church/manse building of Neon Reformed Presbyterian Church (OPC) this winter in Neon, Kentucky.


If you can help, please contact:

Pastor M. Jay Bennett



Site Coordinator Charlie Farrell reports that Hurricane Sandy (October 2012) relief work continues in Brick, New Jersey, where reconstruction of just one more home of an OPC member needs to be completed.

Current needs and projects include:

  • Someone with carpentry skills to build an approximately 4 x 5 ft. landing with steps off the back door
  • Back door and screen/storm door installation
  • Interior painting (some sheetrock patch work and trim)
  • 2 bathroom sink installations (caulking around the sinks)
  • Sorting and organizing papers and files in the attic:
    • creation of a filing and storage system
    • accounting or paralegal skills would be helpful

If you can help please contact:

Mr. Charlie Farrell, Site Coordinator



Year-Round Opportunities for Service 



The Orthodox Presbyterian Uganda Mission (OPUM) is the largest mission station in the OPC, and is ripe with opportunities for short-term mission work - year round!  With an operating medical clinic, a farm project, an education outreach project and village evangelism, not to mention continual construction projects including well-drilling, there are many ways for a short-term visitor to serve on this field.  Read more at www.opcstm.org under "Global STMs - Uganda" by clicking here.


Key West, Florida 

How would you like to spend a week in beautiful Key West, Florida, growing in your ability to speak with boldness about the eternal hope that is in you?  OPC pastor Bill Welzien presents the gospel three times a week in an engaging open-air style during the famous Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, and he invites you to come, learn and practice hands-on evangelism with him, at any time during the year.  Read more at www.opcstm.org under "National STMs - Current Opportunities" by clicking here.



Quebec City

Rev. Ben Westerveld, OP Missionary and Pastor of St. Marc's church in Quebec welcomes you to come join in a "Cafe anglais" (English Cafe) in the parks and malls of Quebec City.  Since, the mother tongue of most of the citizens of Quebec is French, they enjoy any opportunity to practice English with real Anglophones (those whose mother tongue is English). This type of outreach can lead to sharing of the gospel and the Reformed church.  Read more at www.opcstm.org under "Global STMs - Quebec" by clicking here.


Current Missionary Associate Openings


A missionary associate (MA) is an individual who is appointed by the Committee
on Foreign Missions to labor on an OP foreign mission field without cost to the committee.
There is an application process, and terms of service are generally 3 months to 2 years.



Individuals able to teach English at the university level (must have at least a Bachelor's degree). Minimum commitment of one year.



An individual able to speak French (or interested in learning to speak French) to assist in the outreach and discipleship ministries of �glise r�form�e St-Marc's.



Two individuals to assist our missionary families in Mbale with homeschooling and more.

Two individuals to participate in the Karamoja Education Outreach program.

Skilled individuals to assist our missionary deacons.


For more information and/or to apply for missionary associate service:

Contact Rev. Douglas Clawson, Associate General Secretary
Committee on Foreign Missions at clawson.1@opc.org

Printable  S.T.O.R.M.  Reports:   www.opcstm.org/storm-reports  

 David P. Nakhla

  Administrator, OPC Committee on Diaconal Ministries

  Coordinator, Short-Term Missions & Disaster Response


  Phone 562-760-7606






Questions and comments regarding the S.T.O.R.M. Report may also be directed to:

Janet L. Birkmann, Administrative Assistant, Committee on Diaconal Ministries, and
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