Cultivating Leadership                                                                          October 2016
Cultivating Time

Every leader we work with--and every colleague too--is time poor. We talk about losing time, wasting time, prioritizing how we spend our time. This has made Jennifer reflect about time and our experience of it. We look at the calendars on our computers and time looks like a linear and orderly phenomenon, ticking along in an obvious way. Some meetings are alive with energy and they fly; other meetings are deadly dull and they crawl. Time might keep ticking away in a linear way, but our experience of it is anything but linear. How can we make better use of our time and enjoy our experience of it more? Just listen...
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How do we create new myths to help us face climate change?

In this blog, Keith muses about the power and purpose of myths of old--and about the possibilities of new myths to help us tackle our greatest challenges. Keith says: How do we enable myths to emerge that will include the nuance to be frightening and hopeful at the same time?  They need to be able to hold life and death together, fear and hope, and to work in practice to help us make sense of the world and our place within it.
Come learn with us
We have scheduled an exciting set of programs for the second half of the year. Come join us in either hemisphere--for our Growth Edge Coaching certification program or for our new Coaching in Complexity workshop!

Just starting out? Try our Conversations at the Growing Edge with Carolyn and Beth 31 October-2 November in the Washington DC area. Or, for our southern hemispheric friends, come join Carolyn and Patrice in beautiful summery Wellington (January 15-17 2017).

Already taken that one? Try our advanced Psychologically Spacious Coaching. You can take it with Jennifer in Wellington (31 October-2 November) or Carolyn in the Washington DC area (November 8-10). (Thanks to the Wellington ECHO participants for brightening up the page, above)

And whether you've taken all of our workshops or none of them, you're welcome to join us at the Coaching for Complexity workshop. You can read a little about the first running of that workshop here, and join Jennifer and Keith in Wellington 23-25 November.
Join Jennifer for an online summit on transformational coaching

Are you a coach? Our friends over at Coaches Rising are having their yearly online summit, and this year's event is a veritable extravaganza of amazing coaches, teaching you how they create deep change.

Jennifer will be teaching a live interactive workshop along with other world-class coaches like our friend Bob Anderson, James Flaherty, Karen Kimsey-House, Otto Scharmer, Katie Hendricks, Steve Chandler, Richard Strozzi-Heckler and others.

Head on over to to get involved.
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Ok, you know who you are. You've read one (or both!) of our books and you keep meaning to write an amazon review but somehow you never get to it. With the time you've saved being present, how about you head over to amazon and be present with a quick review there? We're trying to make it to 50 reviews and, er, we're not as close as we'd like to be!

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