February 2018
Volume 9 | Issue 2
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Cultivate a Learning Culture with Your In-House & Remote Teams 

Are you looking for a way to create a mentoring culture but unable to get mentors or mentees together in a room for a training program?

Are you looking for ongoing support, education and accountability for your mentoring pairs?
Review and consider the Mentoring Excellence Mastermind TM Series (MEMs), to provide support, peer feedback and expert coaching and content that will help sustain momentum and create mentoring excellence. Your targeted learning community awaits!
How Mentoring Excellence Mastermind™ Series (MEMs) Works
  • Group coaching and feedback calls. Small group size leverages the power of peer feedback, shared experiences and guidance from a mentoring expert
    • Enrollees participate in one 90-minute call per month on a topic related to the audience (includes content, coaching and feedback).
    • Small groups (12-15 people) with a shared interest in mentoring, meeting regularly
    • Designed to meet the specific needs of those who share common mentoring roles
  • Learning continues beyond the times of the calls.
    • Participants will have access to a private, exclusive online forum.
    • All calls will be recorded and accessible throughout the length of the MEMs series (12 months for mentors and mentees, 4 months for program administrators).
Participants can benefit from participants across industries, or from a customized program. 
  • The Center for Mentoring Excellence conducts MEMs for participants across industry, location and organization.
  • We can also accommodate the needs of organizations that wish to create MEMs exclusively for its own employees.
Click for more details about how MEMs work.

Checking in on Goals

How will you know whether or not you're achieving your goals? 

When you get results? Yes. Sometimes that's the case.

More often the knowing and the awareness of where you are at with your goals lies in the simple, and powerful, action of checking in. You can do this on your own, with a friend, cohort or mastermind and/or with a mentor. 
The real work of refreshing your memory and looking at your goals, framing them in your vision, is actually so simple that many overlook it. You won't when you actively follow this tip. 
The Nonlinear Path Interview

It's fun to share this interview video done earlier this month with Michelle Wong of The Nonlinear Path

Especially interesting in this 29-minute discussion is dissection of what a coach can do vs. what a peer can do...and how those roles supplement each other. Both have roles in relationships, and neither a coach nor a peer can do everything.

Threading through the whole conversation are themes of community, accountability, prioritization, diversity and inclusion. It's an inspiring and comprehensive chat which illustrates CEO's Lisa Fain's series of leaps she took along her own nonlinear path. Definitely listen in!
A coaching and workshop experience for women...coming June 2018! 

Led by fog-clearer, map maker and adventure guide, Lisa Fain, you're sure to create, develop and enjoy a fantastic journey. Running June - early September 2018.

See what 2017 Attendee M.G. shares:

"When the opportunity to do the Live by Design program showed up in my in box, I knew I was living a blessed life, but I felt directionless, unfulfilled, and that there was so much more I had to do, but I had no idea what that was or how to do it."

"This program helped me do that and more! From taking the time to figure out how I wanted my to life to look, to realizing what I did that got in the way, to where I wanted to go, Lisa was the right guide to get me there."

"It was a true partnership with Lisa and my cohort. I am living a much better life now. Since completing the program not only have I benefited but so has my family. I highly recommend you take this journey with Lisa if you feel the slightest need." -M.G., Chicago, IL

Stay tuned for details!
Continuing the #MeToo Conversation into #Mentor

Following  last month's eletter (featuring What 8 Mentoring Experts Want You to Know from the Huffington Post), we found a relevant conversation having to do with men mentoring women on LinkedIn.

In the January article, the topic of mens' concerns in mentoring women in the wake of the #MeToo movement was touched on. The post we share today has a few hundred comments and goes a bit deeper into this topic. Take a look at the comments, weigh in with your own. 

The site referenced in Arianna Huffington's LinkedIn post is LeanIn.org. Statistics and data about the current state of the workforce, sexual harassment, women in leadership roles and the consequences of men not taking action against sexual harassment are illustrated and described.

For example

Did you know that...

Sexual harassment is  twice as common  in male-dominated organizations 
as it is in female-dominated organizations. 13.
Or that....

Organizations with diverse leadership realize  higher profits . 17.
We are ALL at a pivotal moment a nd we encourage you to join us in reading up, and chiming in!
Our Mission
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A Note to Our Readers
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