Medical Marijuana Control Program
MMCP Licensee Renewal
The Ohio Department of Commerce requires MMCP licensees to renew certificates of operations annually. A renewal option will be available for licensees in the e-licensing system 90 days prior to the renewal date.

If your license is not renewed in a timely manner, it could result in noncompliance and suspension. Please note, the O.A.C. states “if a renewal application is not filed prior to the expiration date of the certificate of operation, the certificate of operation shall be suspended for a maximum of thirty days.”

To successfully renew your certificate of operation:

  • Pay the associated renewal fees. If the associated renewal fee has not been paid, the facility’s renewal application will not be considered complete and will not be reviewed by the Department.

  • As a condition of renewal, all facilities will be required to pass a full inspection no more than 90 days prior to the expiration date of the certificate of operation, which will be considered and reviewed as part of the renewal process. 

  • If your renewal is approaching and your facility has not had a 90-day inspection scheduled, please contact the Medical Marijuana Control Program as soon as possible at
Cultivator Meeting RSVP
The MMCP is hosting an informational meeting for cultivators on Friday, July 19. Topics will include compliance, the Product I.D. process, Metrc, and licensing. If you are also licensed by the Board of Pharmacy, you will have an opportunity to earn continuing education credit.

Please RSVP to by July 17; including each attendee’s full name in the email. Each licensee may bring up to four people. Attendees must be associated with a specific licensed cultivator that either has a provisional license or COO. If you are interested in earning continuing education credits, please be sure to communicate that in your RSVP.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey! We will be sharing the agenda in the coming days.

The meeting will be located at Division of State Fire Marshal facility, located at 8895 E Main St, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068.
Rule Review Update
The MMCP recently submitted a rule package to the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review. The rules in this package are proposed for amendment to fix targeted issues that have been identified through implementation of the program. Many of the proposed amendments reduce costs and unnecessary regulatory burdens. For example:

  • 3796:2-2-03, 3796:3-2-03, and 3796:4-2-06 (Amended): The proposed amendments remove the requirement that only Type 1 Key Employees can dispose of product. Each facility is limited to three such employees, so this restriction is both burdensome and unnecessary, as any employee who meets the criteria to be a Type 1 Employee should be authorized to perform this function.

  • 3796:5-2-01 (Amended): The proposed amendments remove unnecessary requirements from the list of materials to be submitted, including social security cards, proof of residence, and duplicate submissions related to criminal background checks.

For more information about the rule package, click here . A public hearing for this rule package will be conducted on July 23 at 1 p.m. in the West B & C Room, 31st Floor, Riffe Building, 77 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
Employee Licensing Reminder
Background Checks: All employee badge applicants are required to complete BCI and FBI background checks. Applicants can only select one address for the results to be sent. If you have previously sent BCI results to the Board of Pharmacy, you can request a Copy of Ohio Background Check form to be sent to the Ohio Department of Commerce. This form is found here on the Ohio Attorney General’s website . Applicants can submit this form to BCI within 30 days of the fingerprints and request one free update of the Ohio result to the Ohio Department of Commerce.

  • If more than one update is needed, or if the form is received more than 30 days from the fingerprints being submitted, the fee is $8 for each form. Once the form is received at BCI, processing time is up to 30 days.

  • The FBI does not have a similar process for updates, so a new background check with fingerprints must be submitted for every FBI result.

Processor Extension Requests
Processor provisional licenses are issued by the Department of Commerce with the condition that a licensee must obtain a Certificate of Operation within six months from the date of issuance, unless an extension of the provisional period is granted at the sole discretion of the Director of the Department. To request an extension, please review the directions and form here

If you have questions about your provisional license extension request, please contact your compliance agent or .
MMCP Program Updates
Operating Licensees:

  • Level I Cultivators: 9 of 17 provisional licensees
  • Level II Cultivators: 9 of 13 provisional licensees
  • Processors: 6 of 40 provisional licensees
  • Testing Labs: 3 of 5 provisional licensees
  • Dispensaries: 19 of 56 provisional licensees

  Sales Figures (as of 7/7/2019):

  • 1,611 lbs. of plant material
  • 25,186 units of manufactured product
  • $13.5 million in product sales
  • 98,497 total receipts
Click here to visit the program update page.