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Meet the Program Director -- Katie O'Neal

March is Celebrate Women Month and we want to break the glass ceiling! Radio Ear Network and Society Bytes Radio is proud to showcase our female hosts and co-hosts. We treasure our female leaders in the Hybrid IRadio industry who bring hard work and timely news to all our listeners. Radio Ear Network is proud to say that just over 58% our hosts and co-hosts are women who do a BANG UP JOB and we would be remiss not to acknowledge them for their hard work. We have five stations in operation and one of those stations not only has female hosts, they are ALL female! Check out the SOB NETWORK of shows, views and information for women over 50 from women over 50!! We would like to introduce you to some of our long standing and special ladies who keep us working and entertaining you.   

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Katie O'Neal

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Meet the Radio Host Experts and Learn From the Community
Host - Dr Gayle Carson, the leader and host of the SOB Network and Society Bytes Radio and Radio Ear Network for women for over 50 years who guest speaks all over the country promoting her “Women in Business” show. 
Dr. Gayle Carson hosts this program where women entrepreneurs and senior managers discuss their business and careers. They discuss obstacles, innovative ideas, successes, failures and how they interweave their personal lives and continued growth. Dr. Carson is a successful business woman who brings fresh insights and perspectives to her guests and programs. If you want to understand the many facets of business and the people who run them, you will want to tune into these fabulous programs.
Host - Carole Kay, affiliated with Radio Ear Network for over 13 years and travels the world to bring us information.
TravelWise Host, Carole Kay, takes you touring via guests, stories & her world-wide travel experiences. Travel tips & current news Famous people share travels, books & music.
Host - Lynne Bernfield, affiliated with Radio Ear Network for over 13 years with over 500 shows.
Hosted by psychotherapist and author Lynne Bernfield, The Lynne Show is about discovering aspects of ourselves which we have had to deny. In it she talks about why this happens and what we can do to recover these denied parts. In her interview series called Anatomy of an Artist she interviews people who make their living or their life with their art.
The Lynne Show is an eclectic mix of information, music, interviews and stories. 
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