Cultural Competency Toolkit

Part 1 


The National Center for Training, Support and Technical Assistance (NCTSTA) presents this online toolkit to help individuals deliver culturally competent HIV services. 

Browse through this kit to learn about the National CLAS Standards, view supportive fact sheets, articles and editorials    and access tools to facilitate staff trainings. Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this toolkit which will focus on organizational cultural                                                    competency and discuss the implementation of policies that                                                      adhere to National CLAS Standards.


Deliver Services With CLAS


Review the following fact sheet to learn how Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate services (CLAS) enhances quality of care and to receive guidance on how to implement CLAS Standards.

Staff In-Service Training



Train staff members with this interactive presentation that includes various teaching tools such as: videos, quizzes,  diagrams, visuals, discussion segments and hands-on activities to aid the learning process and maintain participant engagement. 

Add Your Spice To The Melting Pot 
See what others consider the foundational ingredient that guides their work and fosters the delivery of culturally competent services. 



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Supportive Materials

Learn about the various forms of racism, including racial microaggresion - a subtle form of racism that has strong and profound effects on victims.

View examples of microaggressions and the implicit messages that are conveyed in the use of microagressive language.

In addition to obtaining cultural competence, cultural humility is essential to providing care services that are culturally sensitive.  


"Taking a Sexual History with LGBT Patients"
Collect sexual history information from clients in a fashion that eliminates  assumptions about heterosexuality and caters to all forms of sexual orientations. 

Contacting CBA Solutions
To request CBA through the CDC web-based  CBA Request Information System (CRIS) , organizations must enter an access code or contact their Project Officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or Department of Health Monitoring Officer. For all other capacity building services or assistance accessing CRIS, contact PROCEED, Inc. at 
1-908-351-7727, or email us at

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