In the mid-1990s, I remember reading New Age descriptions of what the alleged 2012 planetary ascension event would look like. The phenomenological world was described as branching off into two separate realities, where you might be talking to someone and they would no longer be able to hear you before they slowly disappeared before your eyes. It seems like something like this is happening now.

People are so politically polarized that they literally do not see the same thing in front of them. People care less about the truth than they do about their political argument.

For almost anything that happens, there are two interpretations that are 180º apart: The Democrats are trying to steal the Florida elections vs. The Republicans are trying to steal the Florida elections; Jim Acosta didn't lay his hand on the White House intern vs. Jim Acosta karate-chopped the White House intern. The video of Jim Acosta karate-chopping the intern was "doctored" vs the video wasn't doctored. Your opinion on these will be 100% driven by your political leanings. The post-truth world is fast devolving into a post-reality world.

Independent journalist, Tim Pool believes that this and the normalization of the terrorism and vandalism of Tucker Carlson's house by Left Wing pundits on Twitter are indicators that such violence will only escalate, though he hopes he's wrong.

Running Time: 12 min

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