November 2019
2019 November Excellence Exchange

Welcome to the November edition of the Excellence Exchange. We were excited to see so many of our colleagues at the Magnet Conference ® this year. Once again, we heard how overwhelmingly important shared governance/professional governance best practices are to many of you. We also heard that many organizations are either implementing or rebooting their councils, so we wanted to provide a few helpful resources in this newsletter. In addition to our upcoming shared governance workshop in Estero, Florida, our website has archived newsletters with articles on shared governance, as well as archived webinars which are free to anyone who registers.

Which Journey to Take - Pathway to Excellence® or Magnet®?

For some organizations deciding which journey to take is a significant concern. A comparison of the purpose, similarities, differences, and cost can often help gain clarity and lead to the best decision for an organization. 

Gain clarity with this tool
Hosting a Workshop

Creative Health Care Management offers numerous workshops like shared governance, journey to excellence, and Magnet® workshops throughout the country. We know that often the timing or location is just not conducive to attending or sending a team to attend. We also understand that sometimes the cost for a single organization to bear the expense to bring a consultant onsite can be a barrier. For this reason, we have alternative options for organizations to consider.

Know your options
WEBINARCrafting Your Employee Survey Communication Plan
December 13, 2019 - 12:00 PM CDT

Is there a survey in your organization's future? Perhaps you did an employee engagement or satisfaction survey in the past to only hear employees say nothing was done? If so, this webinar is a must. Come learn about the elements of a strong communication plan that includes actionable items for the pre-survey, the survey itself, and the post-survey phases. Particular attention will be spent on the post-survey results dissemination and action plan accountabilities.

Excellence Exchange Corner (Submit your questions)

Q:  We have had unit-based councils in our organization for a few years. In some councils the managers come to the meetings, in others they do not attend the meetings. What is considered the best practice for managers attending unit council meetings?

A:  To attend or not attend council meetings is a common question, and it really depends on the manager. In some instances, the formal unit leader can attend the meeting and allow the staff chair to lead the meeting, in other instances it is difficult for the manager to attend and not lead the meeting. In the latter case it may be more beneficial for the leader to attend only the last few minutes as a check in to see if they are needed as a resource, or if resources are needed for a project or initiative. This leader may choose to not attend the meetings at all.

Learn the key to leadership presence at council meetings
January 23-24, 2020 - Estero, Florida (Fort Myers Area)

This practical, 2-day interactive workshop will provide participants with deeper understanding and clarity about what it takes to create a sustainable shared governance culture. 

Hurry! Early bird registration ends November 30.

Share Your Knowledge Generously in Creative Nursing

Organizations striving for excellence follow the mantra of continuous quality improvement, which includes sharing generously. When your organization has created or learned something excellent, the world needs to know about it! Creative Health Care Management is the sponsor of Creative Nursing: A Journal of Values, Issues, Experience, and Collaboration. We are a quarterly, themed, peer-reviewed journal, indexed in Scopus and Web of Science, with international authorship and readership. We welcome submissions from all walks of health care professional life,  with a particular mission of nurturing novice authors.

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WEBINAR: Drowning in Mandatory Education
December 3, 2019 - 1 pm CST

Join Lippincott® Solutions and CHCM's sought-after competency and leadership consultants Donna Wright and Susan Wessel for this informative webinar. They will explain how we as leaders, executives, educators, managers, and quality specialists can all shape our outcomes in a positive way without creating more problems than we solve.  Learn how to truly build excellence through our leadership responses to problems and issues.

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