February 2021
A Message from Gen Guanci
Welcome to a new year! A new year gives us a new chapter to create. Each of us gets 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes, 31,536,000 seconds to craft this chapter. Throughout my life I have always made it a practice to reflect on the departing or finished chapter, and plan for the coming one.

So many people are saying how bad 2020 was, and I am not negating that it was. Yet what if, instead of focusing on the negatives of 2020, we all reflect on the positives we received in 2020? Here is what 2020 gave me…

Keeping the Passion Alive or
Just Staying Alive
For most MPDs/Directors of Professional Practice four years does not seem nearly long enough between designations, but for (most) others in the organization a “Magnet®” amnesia may set in between designations. People may ask questions such as “Oh, do we still have Magnet®?” or “When are we due again?” as you pass them in the halls or at sit next to them at council meetings.
While “everything Magnet®” is front and center for an MPD, Director of Professional Practice, or Magnet® Champions, others may forget from designation to designation what part they played in the previous designation, what data they gathered, how stories were submitted, and what data graphs needed to look like. 

WEBINAR: Tracking your Professional Accomplishments through a Professional Portfolio - March 12, 12 PM Central
Many professionals keep track of professional accomplishments through either a Curriculum Vitae, Resume, or a Professional Portfolio. This webinar will outline the “how to” of a Professional Portfolio to use for Career Advancement Programs, Career Ladders, or as a means to show potential employers your professional accomplishments. Join Marky Medeiros for this 30 minute webinar to get you started on your portfolio.

Excellence Exchange
Q: We are just getting started developing our shared governance structure and I wonder what suggestions do you have on what organization level councils we should consider?

A: The goal when just getting started is to be sure you set yourselves up for success. If you have too many councils the organization could quickly become overwhelmed and not be able to support or manage all of them. Many organizations start out with 3-4 organization level councils. Initially, these council are nursing focused, with the goal of becoming interprofessional, and all report to a centralized coordinating type council. 

Shared Governance Virtual Summit
At this event, you will learn practical tools, strategies, and actions that you and your team can use to improve shared governance in your organization. Summit sessions include:
Laying the Groundwork: The Business Case for Shared Governance
  • Decreasing Falls with Injury Through Shared Governance
  • Rethinking Your Unit Council Structure: An Innovative Approach to Professional Governance in Healthcare
  • Articulating the Outcomes of Shared Governance through Celebration and Publication
Full agenda coming soon!

Building a Menu to Combat Stress - Wednesday, February 24 - 11 am CT
For most of us, self-care is something that happens more in theory than in practice. Let’s change that! Join Mary Koloroutis for this interactive and engaging conversation with Clinical Education Specialist Kerry Appleton, MAN, RN, CCRN-K. This session will inspire you to think about what self-care means, help you identify what stress looks like on yourself, and learn to evaluate strategies to help build tools to combat reactions to stress.
Session learning outcomes:
  • Participants will identify their common reactions to stress
  • Participants will explore self-care practices, learning why they can be impactful
  • Participants will create a personalized self-care plan

Solution Spotlight - Transition and Onboarding Program (TOPS)
The importance of having formalized, even nationally accredited, transition to practice programs (TTP) has moved into the national spotlight. These programs are needed to address the various transition starting points. Individual starting points could include those who are new to nursing or those that are new to your organization as well as those that are new to a specialty, including nursing leadership or advance practice.

Client Success!
Congratulations to Providence St. Jude Medical Center in Fullerton, California on their successful Magnet® redesignation! They are among the few organizations that have written such strong documents they progressed straight to site visit. Despite several virtual site visit delays due to surges in COVID-19 patients they maintained their focus. On top of redesignation, the Appraiser team identified four exemplars.
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