2019 Winter Excellence Exchange
A Message from Gen Guanci, MEd, RN-BC, CCRN-K

We arverexcitetshare this information packed Winter editioothExcellencExchange. Our upcoming Winter webinar is Strategies to Sustain Shared Governance with Marky Medeiros. You can register here to reserve your spot. Also remember, archived versions of our past webinars can be found on CHCM.com. You will find our webinar library  here.

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Be Informed for your Upcoming Magnet ® Journey

Hoping to be on a Magnet ®  journey in the future? You might not be ready to write your document quite yet, but regardless if your document is several months or even years away, consider attending our upcoming workshops. You will gain valuable insight into what is needed to craft a great document. Plus, participation also enables you to return to work ready to develop the structures and processes needed to ensure you have what you need when the time IS right for crafting your document. Join us March 27-29, 2019 in sunny Southwest Florida for Crafting Your Magnet® Document Based Upon the 2019 Manual and Getting Clear on the 2019 Magnet® Data Requirements.

Therapeutic Relationships: What and Why

Have you ever considered the essentiality of therapeutic relationships in health care and the effects they have on outcomes? Cited in their book See Me as a Person, Mary Koloroutis and Michael Trout, state "the efficacy of care, and perhaps just as importantly, the patient experience of care- depends heavily on authentic human connection." Koloroutis and Trout describe four therapeutic relational practices which create authentic connection with patients.

WEBINAR: Strategies to Sustain Shared Governance
Friday,  March 8, 2019 -  12pm CT 

Organizations often ask, "How can we keep shared governance going in the organization?" Many organizations have reported having shared governance in place at one time or another, and have either lost momentum, or have lost focus after a few years. Join us for this webinar as we discuss strategies to keep Shared Governance thriving in your organization.

Presenting When Presenting isn't your Specialty

I am sure you have heard the saying "those that can't do teach." When in reality those who can, are often cajoled or forced into teaching or presenting, then have a miserable experience and never try again! Perhaps by virtue of your role, or even your boss's assumptions of your knowledge, it may be assumed you are just the person to do a particular presentation. You are flattered, but reluctant. Present in front of everyone!!?? The thought may bring on sweaty palms and or even the beginning of a panic attack.

Excellence Exchange Corner (Send us your questions.)

I know data has taken a significantly more important position in the 2019 Magnet® Manual. I am struggling with identifying nationally benchmarked ambulatory NSIs. If we can identify something to measure, that does not have a national benchmark, can we still use it for our Magnet® document?
A: The short answer is YES, you can use it providing you address the following:
1.)  articulating why you feel what you are using is indeed nurse sensitive;
2.)  what you are using as a target or goal;
3.)  and, how you came to land on that target or goal.
Professional Portfolio Data Vault™

We offer a solution that addresses multiple areas of labor-intensive work for organizations wishing to gather a variety of data points, activities, and assessments. Our innovative data-driven Professional Portfolio Data Vault™ platform is customizable to your organization, and has particular value for organizations seeking Magnet® recognition because it supports and simplifies several ANCC® requirements including:
«  Demographic Data Collection Tool® (DDCT®)
«  Peer Feedback and Self-Appraisal
«  Documentation of Professional Development

Introducing: "Patient Lee" Tomlinson!

We are pleased to announce that renown keynote speaker, "Patient Lee" Tomlinson, a patient and healthcare professional advocate, has joined the CHCM family!
Lee's painful credentials as a patient include 12+ broken bones, 6 serious illnesses, 9 surgeries, 2 amputations, and 3 near terminal diagnoses, including his recent successful battle with Stage 3+ throat cancer. Given those stats, we're lucky he's also hilarious.

Client Success!

In addition to our continued 100% success, since October 2016 
the majority of our clients who submitted their initial designation or redesignation documents have proceed directly to site visit! 
Those involved in a Magnet® docum ent submission know how outstanding this achievement is as most organizations (93%) receive a request for additional documentation before the determination of granting a site visit can be made.  We continue to be inspired by our clients who have helped us achieve this unprecedented honor!
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