Dear Culver Summer Schools & Camps families and staff,

Culver Summer Schools & Camps is excited to be planning for a full six-week session of camp this summer. We have already received over 1,400 applications from campers who are looking forward to being back on campus. Our staff is working through applications, hiring counselors, and making accommodations to provide the best summer yet on the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee.

We have all felt the impact of COVID-19 in different ways. We have had to learn a “new normal” to stay healthy and keep those around us safe. Culver Summer Schools & Camps is also making some necessary changes and implementing new protocols. Our team is continually looking for the best ways to keep our students and staff healthy, while still providing an amazing summer experience. We feel we are in a great situation this summer to do that, but there will be some changes. Please be aware that the following list will evolve between now and the start of camp, but we feel it is important to inform you of our current plan.

  • We will follow CDC recommendations regarding the wearing of masks. As of today, masks will be worn most of the time. Masks may be removed in the living spaces (rooms/cabins), during athletic events, and during certain other activities.
  • Medical masks will be added to the packing list. We would like for each camper to bring 100 disposable masks to campus. If a second mask is recommended by the CDC, further expectations from Culver will be shared.
  • We are fortunate that many of our classes and activities are outside and we plan to take advantage of our expansive campus.

  • Culver has the ability to test all of our campers and staff members. We expect to frequently test all staff and campers to keep our community safe. We will be primarily utilizing Abbott’s BinaxNow test.
  • All campers should arrive to campus with a negative test result obtained within three days of arrival (dated June 15-19).
  • All campers will be tested on campus prior to beginning the registration process. Any camper who arrives on campus and tests positive at registration will be required to leave campus for 10 days (or the CDC guideline as of June 18). The camper may return and register for camp on Tuesday, June 29.
  • If a camper tests positive after registration, we will encourage families to remove their camper from campus for 10 days. If a camper needs to stay on campus, we will house campers in a campus building for 10 days in quarantine housing. Campers who remain on campus will not be able to attend classes, eat in the dining hall, or participate in unit activities. Culver will work with each family to pro-rate the summer tuition if a camper tests positive and leaves campus due to COVID-19.
  • In the event that a camper tests positive, and their roommate/cabinmate tests negative, the negative testing camper will be tested daily for five days. A camper will not be required to be moved to quarantine housing with a negative test.

  • We encourage all staff and campers who are eligible to obtain a vaccine to do so.

Schedules and camp activities
  • The daily schedule will look different as we plan to expand our mealtimes so there are fewer people in the dining halls at the same time. We intend to maintain six class periods for Upper Schools and five class periods for Woodcraft Camp. We hope to offer a full complement of classes, but some classes may not be offered due to space limitations, social distance requirements, and staffing.
  • Parades and retreats will continue on a normal schedule, weather permitting. As of today, following Culver’s current COVID-19 protocols, we would not allow visitors on campus to watch in person. We hope to record each parade and post online.

  • At this time, our plan is to have two permit weekends over the summer, July 3-4 and July 17-18. No overnight permits will be allowed. In addition, campers will not be allowed to leave campus for non-medical extended leaves. Permit parameters – times, pick up and drop off procedures – will also be different to reduce the number of visitors on campus. Specific details will be sent once finalized.

  • Homecoming remains a big question. We will only have Homecoming activities on campus if it makes sense for our community. A final decision will be made in the future and communicated to our families and alumni.

Cancellation policy
  • We understand that plans can change from time to time. The 2021 cancellation policy is as follows: If you cancel the application before May 1, 2021, Culver will retain your deposit. You will receive a refund of the remaining tuition paid. If you cancel from May 1, 2021, to May 31, 2021, Culver will retain the deposit and 25 percent of the remaining tuition. If you cancel from June 1, 2021, to June 18, 2021, Culver will retain the deposit and 50 percent of the remaining tuition. There is no cost reduction for late arrivals or early departures.

We understand that COVID-19 is unpredictable. Please know that Culver Summer Schools & Camps is committed to working with individual families to work through a refund process in the event that your child is unable to participate due to COVID-19.

Thank you for your understanding. While change can be difficult, the ability to have a summer experience with others from around the world is needed for everyone. We all need to laugh, learn, lead, follow, talk, compete, and encourage with our peers. We truly believe that we will be able to create an environment that will allow this to happen.

Heike Spahn SG '86
Director, Culver Summer Schools & Camps