17 October 2017
Your Safety - Our Highest Priority

Every resident of Cumberland, regardless of who they are or where they come from, has a right to personal safety and security. To help ensure this is the case, Cumberland Council is currently running an online  Community Safety Survey.

The information gathered from residents will be used to inform projects and programs to improve safety for families and individuals across the Cumberland area. Initiatives that may develop from this consultation include CCTV cameras, better street lighting and improved access and safety on footpaths.

The survey is offered in English and the community languages of: 
The survey will close in two weeks on Tuesday 31 October. I encourage all residents to have their say and help us build a community where everyone is safe and feels welcome in our community.

Malcolm Ryan
General Manager
Cumberland Council
 The Community Safety Survey is being carried out by Council to find out what local residents think about crime and community safety in the Cumberland area.
Round two of the Community Grants Program 

The Cumberland Council Community Grants Program provides money to individuals and not-for-profit organisations to help develop a more vibrant, sustainable and inclusive Cumberland community.

Round two of the Cumberland Community Grants Program will fund projects in the following grants streams: 
  • Community Events, Ambassador (Individual) 
  • Capacity Building
For more information and to download an application form click here.

Events like Fun4Kids at Dirrabari Reserve, Pemulwuy play an important role in creating connections between residents and fostering a sense of belonging to the local area.
Shout out a local hero: Australia Day Award nominations open

The Cumberland Council 2018 Australia Day Awards are underway and nominations are now being accepted in the following five award categories:
  • Citizen of the Year
  • Young Citizen of the Year
  • Sports Person of the Year
  • Young Sports Person of the Year
  • Community Event of the Year
The award program seeks to recognize those that have made an outstanding contribution to the Cumberland community over the past year.  

For more information and to download a nomination form click here

Winners will be announced during the 2018 Australia Day Celebrations.
Council Meeting Wrap Up
4 October 2017

Cumberland Council resolved to renew its membership with Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC)...
The membership will only be renewed for 12 months at a cost of $93,500. 

Cumberland Council resolved to renew its membership with Local Government NSW (LGNSW)...
Cost of renewal is $56,729.58. 

Disclosure of Interest Returns were tabled by Councillors and designated persons...
Section 450A(2) of the Local Government Act 1993 requires that Disclosure of Interest Returns lodged by Councillors are to be tabled at the first Council meeting.

Name of new road in a subdivision off Parkes Street, Guildford West was referred to the Heritage Committee...
The name 'Pipehead Crescent' will be among the things the Committee will be considering. 

Site assessments will be undertaken of various locations around Cumberland for the installation of festive lights to mark Diwali...
Options and costs will be presented to the Council and Councillors have asked the lights have the capacity to be used for multiple celebrations and uses. 

Councillors called for a variety of reports associated with Council decisions made under administration...
A full list of the reports can be found in the Council meeting minutes. 

A review of the abolishment of Section 355 Committees will be undertaken...
Councillors will be provided with a report outlining the feasibility of reintroducing the committees after they endorsed the existence of Section 355 committees in principle. 

A number of Advisory Committees were retained and reconstituted after being abolished during administration...
Each Committee will be required to meet quarterly and report to Council on their activities at least once every six months. 

What's on in Cumberland
Extraordinary Council Meeting

Attend the Council Meeting in person at the recently refurbished Council Chambers or live stream proceedings from the comfort of your own home. 

Wednesday 18 October, 6.30pm,
16 Memorial Ave, Merrylands.

Lifelong Learning Term 4

A program of activities and events for all ages, abilities and interests.
October - December, 
Multiple venues across Cumberland.
Cumberland Community Grants Program

Round two of the Cumberland Community Grants Program now open. 

Applications close Wednesday 8 November, 4.00pm.

"We are all affected" exhibition
Hurry! In its last week

A collective of Australian Muslim artists, curators and writers explore anxiety in a local, modern context.  
Saturday 16 September -  Sunday 22 October,
Peacock Gallery, Auburn.

Petrea King, founder of Quest for Life, explores her work supporting people suffering from devastating physical and mental illness.  
Thursday 26 October, 6.30pm,
Merrylands Library.